Samsung laptop won't boot

  Funkymonkzz 16:57 24 Jun 2012

Hi guys,

I have a Samsung R580 notebook running windows 7, which is now getting on for 21 months old.It had started running hot, so I decided to dust the insides. I did some research, bought a sprayduster (of decent quality, not just the cheapest one), and had a go dusting it. I took off the ram cover and removed the HDD and optical drive and partially took the casing off in order to be able to blow the air inside properly, all the while making sure I was properly earthed by regularly touching a radiator. Loads of dust came out, and I was pretty happy with it.

However when I turned the thing on, after a period to allow for any possible condensation to evaporate, what I think is the HDD made a buzzing sound pattern that it never normally does, and it wouldn't proceed any further with the boot than the initial start screen (which looks something like this">,r:2,s:0,i:76&tx=194&ty=68">this but for samsung, and with the only options being F2 for setup, F4 for recovery, neither of which do anything when selected and only make the PC wait indefinitely.

I think the problem is therefore with the HDD rather than any other part of the computer, although i have no idea how it could have been damaged. Do you guys agree? I have backed up my data to an external HDD using windows 7 image backup, but did not get round to doing the same with Samsung Recovery Solution 4, so that is not an option to use during boot. I also did not have a copy of windows 7 provided with the laptop, and can no longer read the windows product key on the back of the laptop as it has rubbed off, and I have no copy of it (dumb, I know). What do you guys suggest I do?

Thanks a lot

  Funkymonkzz 16:59 24 Jun 2012
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:13 24 Jun 2012

remove /refit memory and hard drive


  birdface 18:29 24 Jun 2012

Does the laptop have Factory Restore settings on it or would that not work either.

It is usually F4 I believe at start up.just keep tapping that and see what comes up if anything.

  robin_x 19:08 24 Jun 2012

Others have dusted many laptops.

But the fluff was hidden near the vent fins on mine. I almost missed them even though my laptop was very well stripped.

Download Core Temp or Speedfan to check temps.

Buzzing may or may not be not be HDD. Check the fan while apart.

Google 'how to lubricate fan' or gpu fan.

A drop of oil can work wonders. Also make sure motherboard is not vibrating.

Of course it may be HDD too.

Make a cone out of A4 paper as an ear trumpet to isolate noises.

  Funkymonkzz 23:02 24 Jun 2012

@ Fruit bat- I tried taking out the HDD and replacing it, but it had no effect

@Buteman- I tried pressing F4, which it said was 'recovery', but it just said please wait and hung there for the two hours I left it. I think that's the option it wants you to use Samsung Recovery Solution for, but that isn't an option sadly.

@robinofloxley- It is definitely the HDD making the odd whirring noises. Whether this means its properly broken or what I don't know.

It seems like, although the HDD is receiving power, its just not being recognised by the computer. I have no idea why this might be or what I should do about it though.

  lotvic 00:28 25 Jun 2012

If you get an adaptor cable like this one or a caddy you could connect the laptop harddrive to a usb port on another pc and see if it is ok. If so you can explore the contents and also copy it.

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