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Samsung laptop will not load vista

  tonyq 09:40 04 Nov 2014

Hi, my son as a Samsung 17" R700 laptop running Vista,about 6yrs old which will not load/start up. It appears to start showing Samsung screen then goes to,

click here have checked the memory which says it is OK.

click here

On one option it says to load the Vista Disc but as we all know they have not supplied discs for a number of years. Help/advice please as to what to try.


  Jollyjohn 10:42 04 Nov 2014

Go here - click here - Samsung support page, look for info on restoring laptop. There may be a recovery partition and built in recovery accessed by F? on start up.

On another PC download Macrium Reflect, install and create the rescue disc and boot from that. It is quite good at repairing Windows boot issues.

  tonyq 11:30 04 Nov 2014

Jollyjohn, The laptop as a recovery partition, by pressing F12, having done that at start up it dosn't send me to the recovery partition which we have used in the past. I have downloaded the "Recovery Solution" for vista from your link to Samsung,then burned to CD, placed into CD tray then started the laptop with no success.

  Jollyjohn 12:29 04 Nov 2014

It would suggest the Hard Drive is failing. If you go setup / BIOS as laptop starts, is the hard drive correctly identified? Is there SMART enabled on the drive, if so does it report any problems?

My next step would be to pop the hard drive out, connect it to another computer using click here and rescue the data. Adapters are available from other outlets, I used the Maplin as an example of what you need.

If Hard Drive appears OK, no SMART reports and it is seen by another computer then the problem is on the motherboard of the laptop.
Probably time to start looking for a local repair shop.

  tonyq 12:53 04 Nov 2014

I have managed to get to the recovery partition, by pressing F4 not F12. Which as loaded back to 2008(I think),although I backed it up to a nearer date there was not an option to restore to. The problem now is that I cannot load Vista past the log on screen as we do not know the password. Advice please.

  Jollyjohn 12:59 04 Nov 2014

Go here - click here - download and burn to cd. Boot from cd and select the option to "Unlock admin account / Clear password" or similar

This will remove the password on the account and let you in.

  tonyq 14:25 04 Nov 2014


Have downloaded & burnt to CD. Started PC from disc,not sure if I've done everything correctly,but as not removed requesting the password.

  tonyq 15:17 04 Nov 2014


my last posting refers to Jollyjohns suggestion of downloading and burn to cd

click here I did and ran, but was unsure if I had done it correctly,as when I restarted, it still asked for password.


  Jollyjohn 16:09 04 Nov 2014

The cd you have burnt from the link I sent will start a version of Linux on your laptop and will be all text asking where Windows is - C:Drive and what you want to do? - Clear password.

It would appear laptop is not booting from cd - check BIOS boot order settings

Good luck, I am off to work now, will check back in morning.

  tonyq 18:28 04 Nov 2014

Have finally remembered the pass word!

Thank you all for your help/advice.

  Jollyjohn 11:01 05 Nov 2014

Phew - that's a relief. If there is an option to burn a set of recovery discs, I would suggest that you do so.

Wait until you have downloaded and installed all the updates Windows will now throw at the laptop then create them.

Then have a practice at getting laptop to boot from CD and make a note of the steps needed. ( I do this for any laptops I repair since they are all slightly different)

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