samsung laptop screen problems

  gerry74 04:51 20 Jul 2014

hello, I have a Samsung laptop, 2 years old. From time to time my screen flickers and goes black. It happens on desktop, or youtube when I expand the video screen. It does not happen when I open programs, like my pictures or word etc.

When if flickers and I plug in my charger it stops.

  Jollyjohn 09:05 20 Jul 2014

Sounds like a loose cable from laptop to lid.

If you have a monitor, try plugging it in. If problem persists it would suggest the graphics chip is failing but if it is OK on the external monitor, it confirms it is a loose cable.

  Mark_Hayward 06:26 15 Aug 2014

Possibly more like Graphics Driver problem as it does not occur during normal low graphics use, only in movies etc.

Visit the Samsung website and download the latest updated Graphics drivers for your machine and see if it fixes the issue.

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