Samsung laptop not fully charging.

  Linkslade 10:55 16 Nov 2017


Have a Samsung laptop running Windows 10 and when charging the battery it only ever reaches 80%. I'm wondering if some adjustment can be made to take the charge up to 100.

Any advice appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:47 16 Nov 2017

They are designed that way its supposed to enhance battery life.

  Linkslade 13:03 16 Nov 2017

Thanks for that Fruit Bat.

I thought I'd inadvertently clicked on something.

  Govan1x 13:50 16 Nov 2017

There should be an icon on the right hand side of the Taskbar for the battery and you can change the 80% to 100% and laptop should work a bit better.

  Govan1x 13:55 16 Nov 2017

Sorry that was on W7 not sure about W10. But there should be some Samsung Icon which should change the 80% to 100%.

It is about 3-4 years ago when I changed my Grandsons Samsung laptop. So it should be in there somewhere.

  alanrwood 16:06 16 Nov 2017

On my Samsung the setting is in the BIOS

  Secret-Squirrel 17:22 16 Nov 2017

I'm wondering if some adjustment can be made to take the charge up to 100.

There is. It's called "Battery Life Extender" and apparently in Windows 10 it can be turned off in the Win 10 "Settings" section.

  Linkslade 19:42 16 Nov 2017

Thanks to all. Comments taken on board.

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