Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Email Issue

  PaulCockcroft 17:00 28 Nov 2013

I have a Galaxy Tab 3 which is all set, sorted and working well. I have added my Orangehome email, it receives emails no problems, but will not send them. Any advice/answers please?

  Woolwell 17:02 28 Nov 2013

What smtp settings are you using? Which is your mobile provider?

  PaulCockcroft 17:07 28 Nov 2013

Thanks for quick response. It is just a wi-fi tab, not mobile. SMPT is but port is confusing me, different sites quote different port numbers. currently set at 25 with no sign in. Thanks

  chub_tor 19:12 28 Nov 2013

This site suggests port 8080, have you tried that? And if it helps (although I am not with Orange) my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Note uses Port 587, Security type TLS and requires sign-in.

  muddypaws 20:27 28 Nov 2013

My Samsung S3 sometimes changes the outbound port to 25 and I have to change it back to 587. I'm with Orange/EE

  PaulCockcroft 13:39 29 Nov 2013

I have tried ports 25, 8080 and 587 and still it wont send! Samsung and Orange/EE not helping me so your input greatly received guys. Am I missing something blindingly obvious??

  Woolwell 14:49 29 Nov 2013

I think that it should be port 25 but have you checked the authentication (on and off)?

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