Samsung Galaxy or Microsoft Tablet

  SURVEY 13:34 10 Sep 2014

Placing this on this forum as I know many on here will have tablets as well as desktops & laptops. I am looking for a tablet to use when away from my laptop. Do not like Apple products. I am agonising between the Android Samsung and the MS Surface. Both should be capable of permitting download of emails. I need to use either Chrome or Firefox plus photo management resizer Irfanview for editing a website that I run.

How about using the tablet to connect to a TV or displaying my mp3 music collection and outputting to an external speaker & amp? Which is best for Skype?

Any views or recommendations?

  Woolwell 14:49 10 Sep 2014

Just compare the prices. On that basis the Samsung should win. Almost all tablets will do what you want. Irfanview is however probably going to be the deciding factor. How important is Irfanview? I don't think that you can get Irfanview as an app. Therefore you will want the program to run under Windows and that moves you towards the Surface with W8 not W8 RT. There are other tablet with W8 rather than the Surface.

  wee eddie 15:51 10 Sep 2014

If you want it to work seamlessly with you work, then the Surface Pro is the way to go. But as expensive as a laptop.

If it's just emails and entertainment then the Samsung is the biz

  Woolwell 16:22 10 Sep 2014

More expensive than my ultra-book with touch screen.

  SURVEY 20:34 10 Sep 2014

There isn't a lot of difference between the MS Surfacerunning RT and a Samsung Galaxy, obviously depending upon memory etc. The MS W8 is more expensive.

As I will not be using the tablet for much website editing, as long as it runs Chrome or Firefox it should be OK; Android does both I believe but MS won't touch Chrome of course because its google (pathetic)! If I go for the Samsung then I need to find a free android app for photo resizing and also a free app to convert pdf and doc files to jpg and maybe also to save documents as pdf. Looking in the google play store for these is a minefield.

  The Kestrel 12:31 11 Sep 2014

I have had a Google Nexus tablet for several months now and am really pleased with the performance, both speed and image quality. With the next generation of Nexus tablets to appear shortly, it is a tablet worth considering.

  Woolwell 13:55 11 Sep 2014

Personally I would avoid W8 RT. If you editing a website then you need to ensure that the tablet will allow you to do that. Is the editing done on-line using on-line editing tools?

The majority of tablets include basic photo editing tools including resizing.

I'm not sure that for what you want to do I would get a tablet but would have a look at a small ultra-portable laptop.

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