Samsung DVD/CD Combo Drive Problem - HELP PLEASE!

  Solartopi 16:22 29 Jun 2007

Hi Gurus,

It's me again. The guy with all the computer problems. I think I'll have to change my name to Problematic Solartopi. It's one computer problem after another.

Now it's my Samsung DVD/CD Combo Drive playing up. I can play all the CDs on it, Audio & others but it won't read or recognise DVDs. PC Advisor's july Issue DVD Does not work on it. I put in the DVD, the light on the Drive flashes as usual, then it stops and my Mouse Arrow Freezes. I have to Restart my computer.

Richard Clooke, PC Advisor, Cover Disc Editor has been so kind to send me two replacements, which he checked himself before sending it to me and both didn't work. So definitely it’s my DVD/CD Combo is the problem. My computer is about seven years old and the Samsung DVD/CD Combo Drive came with it. Now do I rush rush out and buy a new DVD Rewriter or find a way to get my DVD/CD Combo working again with DVDs.

Can anyone please Help!!!



  bri-an 16:26 29 Jun 2007

After seven years I think I would treat myself to a new writer.

  pj123 16:59 29 Jun 2007

I agree. Rush out and buy a DVD Rewriter. There are loads from under £30. A DVD Rewriter will also read and write to CD.

click here

  Solartopi 17:07 29 Jun 2007


Yes, I thought that too. But it's quite hard to forget a Faithful Friend who has served you so long.



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:36 29 Jun 2007

1. Check the ribbon cable is fully pushed in at the back of the drive and on the motherboard.

2. Try another ribbon cable

3. Uninstall the DVD in device manager and reinstall it.

  €dstowe 17:39 29 Jun 2007

"- - it's quite hard to forget a Faithful Friend who has served you so long."

- - - but it isn't doing that any longer. Chuck it out and get a new one.

  Solartopi 17:48 29 Jun 2007


Ahhhhhh!!!!! My poor Samsung!! Some other Drive is going to take his place.

If I get the Drive then I can use all the same wires and connectors etc. What do you suggest.



  €dstowe 17:57 29 Jun 2007

Yes, use the same connectors - make sure they're well pushed home when you make the changeover.

You might consider dusting inside the machine whilst you have it open as well. Computers attract dust inside them even in the cleanest of places.

  Solartopi 18:51 29 Jun 2007

Fruit Bat /\0/\,

If I Uninstall it from Device Manager I don't have the CD to Install it back again.

I have a Floppy Disk - Samsung DVD/CDRW SM304B Firmware Upgrade BS04 Bootable.

Kindly advise.



  Solartopi 19:08 29 Jun 2007


Thanks for your advise. Yes, I know I never move my computer from where it is. The other day I had to and when I saw the back of the computer where the Power electric box is it was full of fluff. Mind you I do use a damp cloth on my computer table & computer of course when it's switched off but never near the electric box. I took my wife's make up brush, Shhh, now don't tell her, and used it where the Fan is and vacuumed it, what a difference afterwards. Had to rush out to buy a new brush.



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