Samsung DVD-ROM SD-606F

  Jhubbard 22:28 19 Aug 2003

I run a Packard Bell Platinum (1999 vintage) running MS Windows 98 SE. My DVD-ROM no longer 'sees' DVDs (including DVD data disks) but still plays CDs and CD-ROMs OK. I have updated my video drivers and installed all the latest Direct-X software etc. I have had no joy searching for a solution - can anyone else help. There appear to be no other probs with my computer.

  Ironman556 22:44 19 Aug 2003

Have you looked in Control Panel --> System Properties --> Device Manager to see if there's any problems with the drive? It'll be marked if there is.

You could try selecting remove to delete the drive from the device manager, then reboot and it'll detect that there's a drive and re-install whatever it needs to.

  Jhubbard 23:01 19 Aug 2003

Thnx Ironman556 - tried ur suggestions but again no joy. Have also reinstalled DVD decoder software (Zoran SoftDVD3) etc but no effect. Also visited Samsung site for up-to-date firmware flash etc but that was no help either!

  Ironman556 19:09 21 Aug 2003

If you go into the drive properties you should find a DMA setting, I can't remember if it's meant to be on or off, try toggling the setting and see if it makes a difference, one way it may cause problems with reading discs.

  Jhubbard 21:06 21 Aug 2003

Thnx again Ironman556 - DMA is as per set-up instructions (ie set 'on'). Any other ideas?

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