Samsung Drive Ontrack Data Adviser

  Quiet Life 16:15 26 May 2006

Hello I have a 33gb limit on my bios and have to use Ontrack to create the necessary bios overlay to recognise larger drives.
I have had no problems with slave drives but have hit a problem with a master C drive.
The overlay cannot be installed after loading XP as it formats the drive.
Loading the overlay at the beginning XP starts to load OK but on the first restart (after loading all the files) it does not carry on but I am faced with the choice of booting from CD Rom or floppy..
If I boot from CD Rom the whole process of XP starts again. Putting in the Ontrack floppy is also not the anwer.
XP will load OK on the drive without the overlay but that restricts it to 33gb
Help appreciated

  DieSse 17:18 26 May 2006

*but I am faced with the choice of booting from CD Rom or floppy..*

Don't you just need to wait a bit longer? I seem to remeber Ontrack pausing iin case you wanted to boot frm a floppy - then carrying on after a short delay.

  Quiet Life 18:27 26 May 2006

No waiting is not the solution. After giving the option it moves onto "Insert Boot Diskette in Drive A. Press spacebar when ready. It is at this stage it sticks.

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