Samsung D900

  yahwob 14:14 27 Dec 2006

Not sure if i should be posting a question about mobile phones in here but here goes anyway.

Just got a Samsung D900 as an upgrade to my D500. Guy in the shop said just take my sim card out of the D500 and slot it into the new phone. Sounded easy I thought but I dammed if I can get it in the slot. I've got it posotioned correctly etc and following the rather feeble instructions I push it into the slot, only trouble it it only goes in about a third of the lenght of the card if that. I'm pretty sure it's meant to go in a lot further as the gold bit is not even half covered but I just can't push it in any further, without breaking it anyway.

Anyone else have this problem, is the Sim card from the D500 the same size as the D900 ?

Many thanks if someone can help.

  howard64 14:23 27 Dec 2006

sim cards are normally the same size - look for a metal clip that moves up down or side to side to all the card in.

  howard64 14:24 27 Dec 2006

to allow the card in.

  SLAYER 14:39 27 Dec 2006

Just had a look at my E900, not much different to the D900, has yours got the metal strap to hold the Sim card in? If you have access to a womans nail file carefully file a little off the edges of the Sim card.

  yahwob 14:57 27 Dec 2006

No metal strap or anything, literally just a slot which looks like it's the right size , just can't push it more than a little way in.

Looks like I'll have to go back to the shop, the guy asked me if i wanted him to set it up for me and i stupidly said no lol.

  Totally-braindead 15:47 27 Dec 2006

Just a thought but I have the D600 the slot is under the battery, there is an external slot but that is for a memory card.

  SLAYER 07:40 28 Dec 2006

I think you've hit the nail on the head, methinks yahwob is trying to insert his Sim card in the wrong hole,ie memory card slot, I too should have mentioned the Sim card slot is under the battery.

  FatboySlim71 09:49 28 Dec 2006

My girlfriend has this phone and she just took her old sim card out and put it into the D900 without any problems. If you look closely at the area where you put the sim card, you should see that it has a shape to it, so you need to insert your sim card so that it matches this shape i.e it will be the same shape as the sim card.

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