Samsung Credit being wrongly used up

  ChestnutToffee 23:29 25 Dec 2014

Thanks rdave for reading my post. I am on PAYG with 02 and so am assuming it is they who are taking my credit. The person who rang and helped me find where to locate the mobile data "switch" was an 02 employee and she read out the log showing that the charge was levied on six consecutive days from 2nd December. I cannot think who else would be able to take it other than 02. As I said, I dare not top up and will have to keep my phone switched off because if this situation continues, it is money down the grid. I am upset and furious and just do not know how to stop this.

  rdave13 00:04 26 Dec 2014

Change your provider as it is easy enough on PAYG.

  catpwss 09:29 26 Dec 2014

helped me find where to locate the mobile data "switch"

If you have found the mobile data tab in the phone DISABLE it,I had the same issue I'm on O2 and a galaxy S4mini.

Disable it and enjoy your phone,It's easy. here Luck.


  ChestnutToffee 09:34 26 Dec 2014

Think that will have to be the solution. That said, what if, in some incredible way, my phone is faulty?? One thought has occurred, how the heck can the mobile data switch itself on - I certainly have not put it on yet after yesterday's message about another £1 charge, I went to check and it was on. Big mystery, infuriating and as I said, phone will remain off until I manage to contact 02 . Thanks for trying to help.

  ChestnutToffee 11:12 26 Dec 2014

Thanks catpwss Now I am going to show my ignorance - Is disabling mobile data the same as switching it off?? Lucy from 02 talked me through switching it off, so I said I am switching off wifi as well - so both were off. If disabling is something different then I will definitely do this. The alternate is to top up and see it all the credit disappear, one pound at a time. Absolutely infuriating when I have not switched mobile data back on. At least you have given me some hope that the disappearing credit will stop and I can top up and not have to throw the Samsung off a cliff or run over it in fury. Well, that is if disabling is different to being switched off. Thanks again.

  Pine Man 11:40 26 Dec 2014

I had a Samsung Galaxy and had data switched off - no problems.

If I switched the phone off then on again data was automatically enabled and unless I was very quick switching it off I incurred the £1 charge. So I hardly ever switched it off.

  spuds 11:48 26 Dec 2014

Possibly nothing at all to do with this particular O/P problem. But I have a mobile phone that tends to switch itself on automatically, when a text message from the service provider comes through.

Originally I thought that it was a case of accidental turn-on, by perhaps the on/off button catching the mobile phone holder, which I would assume is perhaps not possible, considering the amount of buttons available. The instruction leaflet that came with the phone, doesn't mention anything about this possible problem.

  ChestnutToffee 13:03 26 Dec 2014

Your reply is very interesting Spuds and this could be what has been happening with my phone. It is so infuriating. I am going to take on board what you say. Users should not have to be charged for something they have never actioned or requested but somebody, maybe at 02 must have earned a hell of a lot of brownie points to come up with robbing customers of £1 a time for something they have never used, requested or needed. This surely is unfair, it is in fact, a form of robbery. Thanks again - I always appreciate help on this Forum.

  alanrwood 16:06 26 Dec 2014

It is not O2's fault if you have the data switched on.

Assuming you have an Android system go to settings/Data Usage and switch Mobile Data to Off by touch "off" You normally get a confirmation message that you want to turn Mobile Data to off, Touch "Yes". Touch Desktop icon to return to base. Switch phone off completely IE Power Off. Leave for a few minutes and switch on again. Repeat the above and check that Mobile Data is still showing as switched off. If not your device is probably faulty. Try a factory restore. Checking this on the same day as you have already been charged will not add to your bill.

  ChestnutToffee 17:03 26 Dec 2014

Thanks Alan

I have a nephew calling later tonight and I am going to get him to carry out your suggestions. Can I just re-iterate how grateful I am for any advice from Forum Users


  ChestnutToffee 09:13 27 Dec 2014

Just a quick update, snow made an appearance and nephew was not able to get here to help. It may be Tuesday now but I will report back on here as soon as this problem gets fixed.

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