Samsung Credit being wrongly used up

  ChestnutToffee 22:52 25 Dec 2014

Hi I live alone and no other person ever has access to my Galaxy 2. Earlier this month I received a message on screen saying I had been charged £1 for Data Usage. I went into 02 to query this and was told, oh, you must have had your wifi switched on and the charge is for an automatic update. I said, I had never ever used my phone for wifi and the assistant showed me how to ensure wifi was switched off. I phoned the customer helpline and was told the £1 would be refunded. Each night before switching phone off, I checked that wifi icon was off. I am on PAYG and hardly use my phone but earlier this week, I noticed my credit had gone down rapidly. Co-incidentally, I received a call from 02 asking if I was satisfied with their service. Of course, I said definitely not. Well this person said wifi is free and does not have to be switched off and she talked me through going to where the mobile data activation was and so I made sure this was not on and said I would switch wifi off, just to be certain. She then said, she could see on SIX consecutive days from December 2nd, I had been charged £1 each day for automatic updates. She then gave me the address of where to write to complain about this. Horrified is not the word, I am disgusted that my credit can be used up for something I have not activated. If that was not bad enough, earlier today, yes, Xmas Day, another message came saying you have been charged £1 for an automatic update, bla de bla. I now will have to keep my phone switched off and dare not top up because it will again be taken without me having used any mobile data. I will repeat, I am the only person who has access to my phone and have never ever used it for any internet usage.
Please has anyone any explanation for this money being taken from my credit. I am in the process of writing to 02 to complain but of course, this holiday period, will not expect an early reply. It is a very distressing mystery to me. I do not use my phone much but appreciate having it with me and it is infuriating for my credit to be taken in this way.

  rdave13 23:12 25 Dec 2014

Automatic update from bla de bla really isn't good enough. From where are you charged for automatic updates?

  alanrwood 16:08 26 Dec 2014

Can we stick to the other duplicate thread please and mark this one closed.

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