Samsung Combo SM-308B - will not write CDs

  kjrider 18:20 02 Mar 2003

Has anyone got one of these? Just bought a newer PC for my wife, but came with no disc for the Combo.

Can play DVDs OK, but wont't read or write CDs.

Have done the Firmware from Samsung site Moo2 and BS05, without any luck.

Am using Win ME and Easy CD Creator 5.

  -pops- 18:24 02 Mar 2003

I've always thought that Easy CD Creator was one of the most mis-named products in all computing. I gave up with it after about a day of tearing my hair out and loaded Nero. Never had any problem at all with it. You can download a fully operational trial from click here


  DieSse 18:27 02 Mar 2003

If it won't even read CDs, then it's quite likely it's faulty. Reading CDs is one of the most basic things an optical drive should do, without special drivers or software of any kind.

  kjrider 23:16 02 Mar 2003


Have installed and tried Nero without any luck.

It will play and can access all the files on DVDs, but doesn't want to know CDs.

  woodchip 23:32 02 Mar 2003

I have a Samsung CDRW 408b that works OK with CD Creator but you will have to get the one that supports your drive check the Nero site for compatibility also click here

click here

  Willy Wonty 22:22 04 Jun 2003

Have just reigistered and also have aproblem with one of these drives.
Until 2 weeks ago it was working perfectly under Windows XP Home and suddenly it would only read original CDs or up to 1/2 of a "backup".
It continues to read DVDs, be they original or "backups".
In the last week it now refuses to read original Data CDs most of the time, although it recognises that they are there. It also reads about 50% of the discs it has written to CDR but still works with CDRW.
Have tried the firmware update from Samsung site and am now about to try the one from Packard Bell.
If it works -- I'll be back

  Despicable Desperado 23:25 04 Jun 2003

If it's still under warranty then get back to the retailer ASAP. If it isn't contact SAmsung direct as they may be aware of the fault and will replace it. -pops- disagree with you completely ECDC is a great product - obviously you don't know how to utilise it properly!! (and it is correctly named)

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