Samsung Ativ Book 9 Lite keeps freezing/restarting itself/CRASHING

  axvla 14:56 07 Dec 2014

My AMD drive in my Samsung laptop keeps failing which causes LOTS of issues while trying to use my laptop (freezes/restarts itself/crashes so WIPES OFF ALL MY FILES FROM THE LAPTOP). Is there any way to replace an AMD drive for a new/different one??

  Gordon Freeman 15:43 07 Dec 2014

As far as I'm aware, this laptop has a quad core AMD processor (which are not particularly good when compared to Intel equivalents), not an AMD 'drive'.

I'm not sure it's possible to replace an AB9 Lite processsor. Your best option might be to replace the laptop, or take it for repair. Not sure of how cost effective a repair might be, or if it's actually possible.

Am guessing OS in Win 8/8.1, so as a first step, have you tried running a check for viruses, malware, or system restore back to factory settings, at all?

  axvla 21:37 07 Dec 2014

I've checked for viruses and all that and I don't seem to have anything. And I haven't tried restoring back to factory settings because I've had these issues since I got the laptop about 10 months ago so I didn't think it would work; although since a new update on my laptop a few days ago (I think it was a windows 8 update) it has gotten worse and cant use the laptop for more than 10 minutes without it switching off. If I restore back to factory settings will that remove the new update? As these issues weren't as intense since the new update..

  Gordon Freeman 13:02 09 Dec 2014

If you restore to factory settings, all updates will be removed & your machine will be as it was when you first got it, but don't worry because when the laptop fires up, & you've set it all up again, all necessary updates will be auto-received via windows update.

This might take some time as 10 months worth of updates could be quite big in mb terms. To choose this route go to PC Settings and select Update/Recovery, Recovery, and 2nd option to wipe everything.

If you can, copy all your files to a pen drive or something before you do a factory reset. You will probably need to re-install programs after this.

Alternatively, you could try 'system restore' if you don't want to go down the Recovery route; Control Panel, Open System Restore, & select a restore point...this will take the machine's configuration back in time to a previous state.

If the restore point you want doesn't appear, ensure the box is ticked to 'show more restore points'.

Might be worth trying this 2nd point 'system restore' firstly before you go for a complete wipe.

  Gordon Freeman 15:44 10 Dec 2014


  rdave13 16:33 10 Dec 2014

As it's still under warranty an has been happening from new, I would RMA it with the seller. Could be a problem with the SSD.

  axvla 21:02 10 Dec 2014

I'm trying to back up my files before I try the 'restore to factory settings' option but it wont remain on long enough for it to finish (downloading things seems to make it freeze/switch off etc. sooner) and my last back up was in september and I don't really know how much I've added to my files since then so I don't want to risk it as I worry it wont work anyway. And I have just remember I have actually tried restoring it to factory settings once a few weeks/months(??) after getting the laptop and it still had the issue once I began using it again (the only issues I had before this most recent update about a week ago was that it would freeze, then refresh everything and recover, or suddenly shut down and restart not too frequently; now, depending on what I'm doing, the screen will go black and not refresh very frequently so I thought the restore might get rid of this new issue). If the laptop would remain on and recover a pop-up bubble thing on my desktop taskbar would say "Display driver AMD driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered". I was going to do a system restore/recovery you suggested but the only restore date was for 7/12/14 which is AFTER the update which made the already existing issues worse and I cant find a 'show more restore points' box to tick. Thanks for all the help but nothing seems to be going right when it concerns this laptop =/ Anymore help if possible is much appreciated =]. (dont know if my explanation made any sense)

And to rdave13 I ordered the laptop of amazon so I wasn't sure if the same warranty length applied?? I've researched it a bit and I think it is too late. I'll check again though.

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