Samsung 80GB HDD

  Spark6 15:35 16 Mar 2009

I have a Samsung 80GB drive which is not detected in Windows when installed as Master, Slave or in a USB caddy. When it is connected via USB I get the normal 'storage device' message when it is first plugged in but it does not appear in My Computer, Disk Management or Windows Explorer.

Is it time for the Monday hammer or drilling machine?

  Spark6 19:36 16 Mar 2009

No advice!

  canarieslover 19:43 16 Mar 2009

Try it on someone else's system first. If still no recognition then the hammer is the most satisfying way of making sure that no-one else can access your information.

  woodchip 20:09 16 Mar 2009

It may need Repartitioning, as Partition may have become corrupt

  karmgord 20:17 16 Mar 2009

I've the same drive i removed ALL the jumpers then installed into external usb enclosure,if it was previously partitioned and formatted it should show in my computer,obviously the external drive enclousure has to have an independent power supply as no USB port could supply enough power,listen to see if you can hear the hard drive spin up,has the box got status leds?

  Spark6 20:33 16 Mar 2009

I can't access the drive to format or partition it.

karmgord: no jumpers connected and caddy has independent supply. It had been formatted originally but not partitioned. Drive is certainly spinning.

Methinks the hammer, or even the inquisitive screwdriver, is about to come into play.

  Spark6 19:47 19 Mar 2009

Success, but I'm puzzled as to why I was unable to do this originally. Having failed to get this disk recognised in 'My computer' and Computer Management as per my original post, I decided this evening on one last attempt with the disk installed as Slave on an XP Pro machine.

On booting up it was seen as a Samsung storage disk, and also in 'My Computer' and Computer Management. I have been able to partition and re-format it and it appears to be healthy.

  canarieslover 19:51 19 Mar 2009

Well thats saved your right arm some exercise!!!

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