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Samsung 24" monitor on its last legs?

  compumac 09:18 24 Mar 2020

My Samsung 24" monitor is showing its age as I am unable to change the brightness of the screen. It seems that it takes a very long time to achieve anything like an acceptable level of brightness - like a 100 watt bulb now showing 60 watt.

Time for change - any suggestions?

Any advantage in a curved screen?

  wee eddie 09:27 24 Mar 2020

Windows have added a, time controlled, brightness reducer. Check that this is not enabled.

It's to reduce blue light in the evenings but, the timing is adjustable

  compumac 09:48 24 Mar 2020

wee eddie

When I made this post I said to my wife - wee eddie will come up with a reply and there you were!

Looked for time controlled brightness reducer but could not find such option.

  Forum Editor 10:00 24 Mar 2020

"Any advantage in a curved screen?"

Not, in my opinion on a computer monitor. If you're buying a huge TV it might be worth investigation though.

For general computer use (I'm not a gamer) I work with a couple of these on my desk. They are perfect for me, and not overly expensive. To be honest, the market is awash with suitable choices.

  wee eddie 10:53 24 Mar 2020

How about > Right Click on your Desktop > select Display Settings

  compumac 11:34 24 Mar 2020

wee eddie

No options available under Display settings.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:21 24 Mar 2020

settings - system -display - colour - Night light

  compumac 13:34 24 Mar 2020

Fruit Bat /\0/\

Thanks for input.

I had previously come across that, and tried Night light it was already on Off, changing to On made no difference. remaining the same - dim screen

  Menzie 13:41 24 Mar 2020

Compumac are you running Windows 10? If not the Night Light doesn't really apply.

I'm assuming you are connected via HDMI; if so do you have a small TV in the house that you can use to connect and see if it does the same?

On the Samsung monitor is Eco mode enabled? This dims the brightness.

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