Same Power for Laptop, Digi Camera and M Phone

  JerryJay 09:40 02 Jun 2003

Is there any way of using the same power supply
unit for LapTop, digital camrea and mobile
phone? These three gauges are almost essential
for a traveller. It is really too much trouble
to carry so many power units. A single unit
will save a lot of trouble.

  graham√ 10:30 02 Jun 2003

Unfortunately different devices, even different types of one device, require specific voltages and currents. You could buy a power supply with adjustable voltage, but the supply current would be fixed. You would risk damaging the device and invalidating any warranty. You could, of course, invest in a laboratory power supply, but you would need a suitcase to carry it!

  wiznyme 10:33 02 Jun 2003

Its very unlikely that they would all use the same voltage and could destroy them if you use the wrong one.

Each adapter will have a sticker telling you what the input and output voltage is and the laptop, camera, etc should have one saying what input voltage they accept.

  wiznyme 10:34 02 Jun 2003

Obviously type much faster than me ;)

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