Same email keeps sending

  Graham. 22:28 21 Apr 2010

My contact is on XP Home and Outlook Express. When she sends an email, I get more than one - she sent one at 8:37 pm, so far I've had 26 and they're still coming.

Is this something simple? It's only just started.

  northumbria61 00:12 22 Apr 2010

Start by checking the following -

Have You UNCHECKED 'Leave Copy Of Message On Server' ?
Leaving them on the server for any length of time can cause such duplicated mail receipts.

Open Outlook, click on "Tools", choose "Email Accounts", choose "Change or edit and existing account", highlight your POP3 account, then click on the "Change" button.. When that opens, click on the "More Settings" button, then the "Advanced" button. UNCHECK the box that says: "Leave a copy of message on the server". OK and Apply your way out.

Hope this helps.

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  northumbria61 00:19 22 Apr 2010

This LINK gives you a good explanation -

click here

  Graham. 09:31 22 Apr 2010

It's my friend who keeps sending the same email. The problem is at her end. Trust me, I used to be a doctor.

  ame 10:51 22 Apr 2010

I presume she has scanned for malware, just in case?

  Graham. 10:56 22 Apr 2010

She has AVG running. Anything else needed?

  northumbria61 12:42 22 Apr 2010

Download and Run Malwarebytes from here

click here

Also "Superantispyware" from same site

  Graham. 22:14 23 Apr 2010

Passed on, thanks.

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