Same conditions multiple cells

  peug417 15:37 07 Sep 2003

Further to my qeurey last night which is now resolved, I am looking to have a number of cells (120) to be exact to have the same conditional formatting. If I copy and paste the cells are only responsive to the source cell. Is there a way of copying the format to other cells which would automatically update, ie d4 would turn blue if d4 contained "VOR" and not if A4 contain VOR.

Also on a similair note some of my cells contain formulae to obtain info from other sheets. eg
if e5 of sheet1 contains "john" cell c5 of sheet 6 would contain "john". However if cell c5 is blank I have a drop down list on in c5 of sheet 6 to choose 3 options, one of them being VOR. IF I choose VOR from the list along with its conditional formatting it overwrites the primary formulae, So if the vehicle was driven later with "john" being inserted in e5 of sheet1 C5 of sheet 6 would not update? Any ideas on this one.


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