Sagem my V56

  Nuneatonian 11:55 04 Jul 2006

Hi all
My daughter has cracked the screen on the outside) of her mobile phone. I telephoned Sagem and they said the phone would have to be sent away for repair because they can't send the particular part out to me because of the model of the phone. Is this just a con to make you fork out a lot of money?
The place it would be sent is down in Kent, I live in the Midlands. Anyone know of any other repairers in my neck of the woods who could do the same job? I would even do the job myself if I could get the cover itself.


  woodchip 12:27 04 Jul 2006

No and do not get liquid on your hands from Screen very poisonous

  spuds 16:11 04 Jul 2006

The purchase price of some mobile, doesn't warrant an expensive repair, unless it is covered by warranty.I have a Sagem MyV-55, and I would not bother getting that repaired, if and when it proves faulty.

Have you any household insurance, that may cover accidental use. If you have, then possible a claim may solve the problem.

  Nuneatonian 19:42 04 Jul 2006

Hi all
Thanks for the replies.
My daughter is rather attached to her phone and doesn't want to replace it, she has lots of pictures on it of friends etc. She can still see the functions and the graphics through the screen even though its cracked. As it is the outer screen she says she'll just put up with it till it packs up.
Thank you again

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