Sagem [email protected] ™800 E3 Modem Problem?

  zemdarin 17:44 08 Oct 2006

Has anybody had any trouble with the above modem from talktalk. Since changing from BT Voyager 205 modem, I now find I have to disconnect it from my USB port every time I want to put my computer into Hibernation. Does anybody know if this will do any damage to my computer or the modem please. If I leave it plugged in and try to Hibernate it freezes when rebooting.

  Daveboy 18:40 08 Oct 2006

Can you not continue to use the voyager (with t/t login p/word) or does their s/ware demand their modem?

  STREETWORK 18:43 08 Oct 2006

Because the modem is 'live' the hibrination mode will cause problems when XP ties to put the harddrive into sleep mode. Alter this in Control panel power options...

  Jackcoms 19:23 08 Oct 2006

I use that modem (provided by Tiscali) and it has never prevented hibernation.

Try disconnecting from the 'net when you have finished with the PC.

  zemdarin 20:08 08 Oct 2006

Thank you for replies.I could have used the Voyager modem, but thought the Sagem was a later model. BT do not supply the 205 voyager modem anymore.

Also what am I supposed to alter in power options, I could only turn hibernation off in there and I don't want to do that.

I always disconnect when I have finished on the Internet but both the ADSL and PWR lights stay lit. The old BT modem had three lights on it and the third went out after disconnecting.

At the moment, it is pull the USB cord out and everything works like it used to but there must be something stopping the reboot when I leave it plugged in.

  Jackcoms 21:21 08 Oct 2006

Have you installed the latest drivers for the modem? click here

  zemdarin 21:47 08 Oct 2006

Sorry jackcoms the link doesn't seem to go anywhere

  Stuartli 22:01 08 Oct 2006

It's because the Sagem website's URL doesn't change - you have to go to Products and then ADSL Modems>Downloads etc.

Should bring you to:

click here

and the Windows 3.0.4b driver download (for all operators) in the list.

  zemdarin 22:59 08 Oct 2006

Hi Stuartli your link takes me to the same place. Here is what I see on clicking on it

click here

Template file /bandeau_philips.html not found.

That is all I saw there. I did go to the sagem website myself and downloaded some drivers which said they were for the Sagem [email protected] 800 and windows about 11 mb, on extracting them and reading the files I found they were all in French. Where are you supposed to extract them to.

  Stuartli 23:09 08 Oct 2006

Best to go the straightforward route (there is a UK link for Support).

Try this link via click here:

click here

Then select Broadband Devices and follow it up with the [email protected] 800 link to Support and Downloads.

It's a bit contrived but eventually you will get there...:-)

  zemdarin 10:15 09 Oct 2006

Yes that is where I went myself. Trouble is I read the manual and it says It should read in the
Device Manager as a LAN Adapter.

My one shows the Sagem as a WAN Adapter. The driver download shows as 3.0.4b for all operators 11.99mb and that's what I downloaded to my desktop as a zipped file. It has no instructions as to where you are supposed to unzip the extracted files to, and the first time I tried that it ended up as a separate folder called Sagem2 in Windows Explorer, which didn't seem to alter anything. I have since deleted that and reinstalled my modem.

My modem works fine and I now get 1.1 download speeds compared to the 589kbs I was getting but I still can't Hibernate with it unless I unplug it before hibernating.

You would think that talktalk would have updated drivers on their website if it needed them. I have written to them and explained the problem, but I could wait a long time for a reply.

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