sage accdata folder needs moving

  rsturbo 18:30 26 Oct 2013

i have sage line 50. unfortunately we have not done a backup lately. now the computer has died and we cannot get it working. the hdd is fine and can see the data ok. can somebody tell me how to point sage on new computer to old hdd data so we can take the data from the old computer and 'import' it into new sage and then we can do a backup and off we go again!

  Pineman100 18:56 26 Oct 2013

I'm not familiar with Sage, but I assume it stores its data in files/folders in your computer's libraries, like any other software.

If so, and assuming that the death of the old computer is definitely not an HDD crash, then I suggest that you should remove the drive and fit it into an external USB caddy. Connect this to a USB port in the new computer, and you should then be able to access its data files via Windows Explorer. Copy the Sage data files on to the new computer.

  rdave13 19:11 26 Oct 2013

Have a look at info on Google but the essence is the same as Pineman100 says. How easy it is I don't know. click here.

  alanrwood 20:01 26 Oct 2013

If it is a new installation then create a new company and point it towards the old data files. Create a backup and then in the new install restore the backup to the company you want it to be in.

  rsturbo 21:36 26 Oct 2013

alanrwood can you (or somebody) tell me how to point it to the old data?

thanks for the replies

  alanrwood 08:57 27 Oct 2013


It is some years since I last did this.

Try this first. File/Open/Company and in the window that appears you should be able to connect to the old data using the browse function.

If this is not successful then:-

Just to be on the safe side before trying the next idea I would create a complete back up of the data first and use that to check this out. By back up I mean a file copy of the whole company data on the hard drive and not an internal backup as produced by Sage.

As I remember you can create a new company in the default location that you now wish to use in the future (Top menu File/New/Company)( You probably have this already when you reinstalled Sage)then create a second company and on the first page of the Wizard there is a text box asking where you wish to create the company. Just enter the details of the location of your old data. Then open it and create a backup within Sage. Open the main company and use the restore function to put the new backup data into the main company. If OK then take a new backup NOW.

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