Safest way to backup data to avoid cryptolockers?

  [email protected] 09:05 14 Feb 2016

I back up data but what stops a cryptolocker encrypting data on my backup?

Is there a way to backup on an unmounted hard drive or some other way to prevent this?

  alanrwood 09:24 14 Feb 2016

The only way is to backup your files to an external device and then TURN IT OFF

  Bazzaman 09:55 14 Feb 2016

To my knowledge, cryptolockers target certain types of file (i.e. files with certain extensions such as .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx and so on). By way of contrast they won't be targeting .exe, .dll etc. simply because they don't want the computer to stop working, just encrypt YOUR data.

You could try creating your backup archives with "non-standard" extensions. In addition you could keep multiple iterations (e.g. a weeks worth of daily backups) AND keep them off-line.

Having said that, the cryptolockers will inevitably get more and more sophisticated. It's a matter of trying to stay ahead of the game.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:35 14 Feb 2016

make sure you data is saved to a different drive otherthan the c: with the op system on

then encrypt the drive.

  robin_x 11:29 14 Feb 2016

Easeus Todo Backup Free allows encryption of a Disk/Partition Image Backup, to external drive, at the time of creating it.


Nasty and aggressive malware, to date, has targeted the common file types that it can see on a computer, synced Cloud folders, its local network and connected hard drives.

Theoretically, the scope of an attack could be widened to include all file types/extensions but it would take many hours to complete and would have difficulties of not being spotted and breaking Windows before completion.

However, the only truly safe way would be to disconnect the backup drive when not being used.

  bumpkin 14:32 14 Feb 2016

click here could try that


  bumpkin 14:34 14 Feb 2016

click here could use this.


  bumpkin 14:35 14 Feb 2016

What is up with this site yet again.

  xania 10:19 15 Feb 2016


I reported the same problem to them some time ago but they just don't seem to understand. Even worse if there's more than one link!!

Always insert the link as the last thing, and one link per posting - that seems to work.

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