Safest browser ?

  ex-wirecutter 11:34 22 Apr 2010

I understand that even with the latest updates some browsers are still not immune to sophisticated key loggers etc. So which is the safest ? I am giving Opera a try at the moment as they have a " fraud protection " option , but am still wary about internet banking and online purchasing .

  bremner 11:47 22 Apr 2010

If you type the quey into Google you will get a wide range of views from IE8 to Chrome. click here

Here is one example of testing click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:18 22 Apr 2010

The fuss about 'security' om home computers is really over stated. You have no chance of a keylogger capturing any of your data. If you use a credit card I would keep a close eye on it when paying for petrol or for a meal...these are virtually the only 2 places where you will have your card cloned.
The 'security or lack security in browsers is also greatly exaggerated. Use Firefox or IE8, whatever suits you, and browse merrily. Keep your AV (always use a free one such as Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast or AVG...any home user paying for security is deluded) up to date, you could also use a real time spyware scanner such as Spyware Terminator, also free and do not accept any offers that pop up to clear 1000+ viruses from your computer.
use your computer for Internet banking whenever you want, it saves a lot of time and is much easier. Don' go overboard on all the 'defences', you have a home computer and a life which are of no interest to a) hackers and b) spooks.


  wiz-king 13:29 22 Apr 2010

Engage brain. A single click of the mouse can negate any amount of security.

  ex-wirecutter 20:21 22 Apr 2010

Thanks for the advice , there are so many scare reports even in the news on this site about high tec criminals finding ways round security it makes you wonder .
Fingers crossed .

  hastelloy 03:03 23 Apr 2010

If you're really worried about keyloggers, use the on screen keyboard - Start>All Programs>Accessories>Accessability>On Screen Keyboard. I've been using on-line banking for many years without any problems and I use a standard keyboard (fingers firmly crossed now I've said that).

  VallySko 15:18 11 May 2010

I use Firefox Mozilla.
I like it. More then Opera.

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