Safely remove h.ware switches off card reader

  six-h 19:42 02 Mar 2005

Card reader appeared to fail some wks. ago and
Medion arranged for a replacement reader to be installed today,Problem persists, but on closer examination it appears that clicking on the safely remove H.ware icon in sys tray now removes all three card slots from "my computer" until the system is rebooted (which it never did before).
Medion took me through a static dicharge proceedure which changed nothing, then got me to change 1st,2nd,and 3rd boot in cmos to dvdrom,floppy,and card reader- still no effect except that I now have a non-existant floppy A drive in "my computer"-Their final sugestion was a "factory re-set" which I thought a bit o.t.t.
Phoned them to query this advice and the engineer came to the conclusion that the motherboard maybe at fault! I am a complete novice but feel this is escalating way out of control Can anyone shed some light before medion tear my machine to bits?

  jack 21:37 02 Mar 2005

Safely Remove Hardware commant will shut down ALL external devices
An external device is anything that is not builtinto the computer.a scanner, printer, external drives.
Even those 'modern' computers with 'built in' card slots- the slots are to all intents and purposes 'external'

  siouxah1 22:19 02 Mar 2005

the same thing happens to my card reader/machine combination. (Home built with Aopen main board).
Have become used to checking the activity light on the reader, if not active just withdraw the card. The only time you will have problems is if you remove the card while being written to.

I have learnt to live with it.

Regards Brian

  Newuser4165 22:42 02 Mar 2005

If you single click on the task bar icon you can turn off the active flash device which is indicated by the drive letter allocated to it eg smartmedia on F

If however you double click on the task bar icon you will see a different screen which only allows you to turn off the entire device.

That is what happens on my system with an Asus internal memory card reader.

  Strawballs 01:19 03 Mar 2005

Have the same thing on my son's that is connected direct to MOBO

  Meshuga 11:00 03 Mar 2005

I would say that it`s just doing it`s job. If you click on the icon you are asking it to make sure it is safe to remove a device and it does just that. See jack`s advice above.

  six-h 16:50 08 Mar 2005

Thanks for your message, but my reader light stays on all the time that a card is present, hence the need to engage with "Safely remove Hardware" icon.Previous attempts at removal without this have resulted in some lost data.
This is exactly what happens, but surely, the same could be achieved by de-selecting the drives in My Computer.
I thought the system tray icon would have approached the problem more sensibly, ie "so, you want to remove a card, I'll switch off the reader until the card is removed, then switch it back on cos you might want to read more cards !!"
Much more sensible- and hardly rocket science?
I'm only single clicking, same result either right or left click, but by different routes!

  jack 17:33 08 Mar 2005

Safely remove etc., means what its says
You could indeed delselect your drives or even remove the card from a slot or switch off an externall HDD,but you risk losing data and device damge by doing so.
'Safely Remove' checks out drive activity - which may not be apparent to the operator and allows switch off when safe to do so.

  six-h 17:46 08 Mar 2005

Thanks Jack, The mud begins to clear, in my simple mind, I thought that the Icon was essentially just a temporary interuption to the reader, which would not prevent subsequent re-use,without the need to re-boot,I Still think my fantasy is eminently more usefull. hey-ho, nowt so queer as microsoft!!

  sinbad1 17:50 08 Mar 2005

i agree with advice given here ;but i have the opposite problem where other usb divices don't show up does anyone know why this would be?

  Dorsai 17:56 08 Mar 2005

The option 'safley remove hardware' is so that you can do litterly that. Unplug the DEVICE. In the case of a card reader, you are saying you want to dissconnect the card reader. Not the same thing as removing a card from the reader.

Even if the reader is built into the PC case, it is almost certianly plugged onto the Mobo via an internal USB port/Header. As far as windows knows, it is just another USB device, that you can unplug at anytime.

You description of what happens when you select the reader under 'safly remove hardware' is exactly what I would expect to happen. You have told windows you are about to unplug the reader, so windows waits for any read/write operations to finish, then tells you that you can now unplug the reader.

If what you really want to do is just take a card out of the reader with out losing data, there should be some other way to check that all read/write operations have finished.

I am with Newuser4165. My best guess is to ignore 'Safely remove h.ware' altogether. Open 'my computer' left click on the 'removable drive' that is the memory card, and select the option to 'eject/turn off/disconnect' the card.

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