Safely remove hardware icon

  hiwatt 14:07 19 Mar 2009

Good afternoon folks.Every time I boot up my computer the safely remove hardware icon is in the taskbar.When I click on it's coming up USB mass storage device.When I click on show properties it's showing generic USB reader.There isn't any deviced plugged into the computer.Any ideas what's causing this?Thanks.

  Graphicool1 15:49 19 Mar 2009

Try this
Right click>The 'Task Bar'
In the pop up menu click> 'Properties'
Make sure the 'Hide inactive icons' box is ticked. If it isn't, tick it then click> 'Apply' & 'OK'

If it is ticked click> 'Cusomize...'
In the 'Current Items' list scroll down till you see 'Safely Remove Hardware'
Click> the wording to the right of it.
Then Click> the 'Down Arrow'
I'll give you 3 choices
Pick 'Hide when inactive' (Even if it already said it)
Click> 'Apply'
Click> 'Apply' again then click> 'OK'

  hiwatt 16:03 19 Mar 2009

Thanks Graphicool1.Yes that hides the icon but I'm wondering why it's always there?There was a yellow exclamation mark in device manager next to USB mass storage device so it's something to do with that?Thanks.

  DieSse 16:24 19 Mar 2009

Have you got a camera card reader - or a card reader slot on a printer? - they'll both show up as mass storage, even without a card in the slot.

  Terry Brown 16:29 19 Mar 2009

The yellow mark means that the program was not correctly installed.

try going to the Device manager (Press window key + break) , select Hardware,select Device manager.
Click on the yellow mark and select uninstall.

The next time you re-boot your system, this will check and if required re-install the software.

  hiwatt 17:16 19 Mar 2009

DieSse No I haven't got anything like that.When I click on my computer as well as my C drive there are removable discs E,F,G and H.Terry Brown I already uninstalled it.I'll see if it reappears when I reboot.Thank you.

  Taff™ 07:23 20 Mar 2009

The drives E, F, G & H suggest you have a multi slot card reader in your computer, probably in a floppy disc bay. This type of device is connected to a USB header on the motherbaord. If you tried the Uninstall tip from Terry Brown that should sort it - I don`t think they need special drivers.

  hiwatt 10:45 20 Mar 2009

Thanks.What are they for do you know?

  DieSse 11:18 20 Mar 2009

"What are they for do you know?"

I already asked if you got a card reader - you said no.

Have you or haven't you?

  iscanut 11:28 20 Mar 2009

Looks as if you do have a card reader on your pc. Used to plug in camera cards ( most common are SD cards ) so that you can download photos direct to your pc. Do you have a digital camera ?

  hiwatt 18:25 20 Mar 2009

I never said I have a card reader?I'm certainly not aware if I have?What I do know is that there was 4 "unknown" removable drives shown,E,F,G and H that I've now uninstalled.

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