Safely clean Hard Drive ready for laptop sale

  tonyq 07:05 01 Aug 2018

Hi all, my son is going to sell (hopefully)his old Samsung windows Vista laptop. What is the best way to safely remove everything from the hard drive, so that a possible buyer can install a more up to date operating system.

  csqwared 16:58 01 Aug 2018

You could try this:-

click here have to type the link as the TA system seems to be having a problem with hyperlinking.


  csqwared 17:00 01 Aug 2018

Ok just click the link in last post - seems to be working.

  tonyq 19:04 01 Aug 2018

csqwared, sounds like just what I was looking for.

  wee eddie 19:23 01 Aug 2018

I hope he's not expecting to get much. I cannot imagine a potential buyer

  tonyq 11:48 02 Aug 2018

wee eddie, neither can I. I have suggested taking the HD out and placing in a caddy then scrapping laptop. Probably a better option,still awaiting reply.

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