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  CiderBob 20:28 12 Dec 2005

I have a 4 port wireless cable/dsl router (802.11g) and it has stopped working. I tried ipconfig/all but to no avail. I spoke to NTL and they had no tine for me as it wasn't one of theirs. Can anyone help? I usually use the wireless when my main computer is off. When I connect my main pc into the router it don't work either.


  CiderBob 20:46 12 Dec 2005

By the way I have XP home.

  phono 21:49 12 Dec 2005

Have you checked whether or not the router or its power supply is defective? Do the power lights etc light up?

  CiderBob 22:07 13 Dec 2005

all the lights work. My laptop picks up the router but I cannot connect to the internet throgh it. And I cannot conect through the cable.

  CiderBob 22:14 13 Dec 2005

also. If I connect to my NTL modem I get a different connection to my router on the default gateway. In other word the numbers are different.

  phono 23:57 13 Dec 2005

If everyting else is okay maybe your "4 port wireless cable/dsl router (802.11g" is actually defective.

These things do happen.

  mgmcc 11:45 14 Dec 2005

<<< If I connect to my NTL modem I get a different connection to my router on the default gateway. In other word the numbers are different >>>

Yes, they will be different. Connect directly to the modem and you will be using NTL's "Default Gateway". Connect to the router and the router's IP address will be the Default Gateway (and the router itself will get the Default Gateway allocated by NTL in its WAN settings).

If you are swapping connections to the Cable Modem between the router and directly from the PC, it is important that the Cable Modem is powered "Off" for a couple of minutes before doing this. This is necessary to force it to detect a new connection and allocate a new IP address.

If doing that doesn't restore internet access, power off the modem, perform a "soft" reset of the router (there should be a button to reset it) and then power it off too and shut down the PC.

Connect the router to the modem and the PC to the router. Power on the modem and wait until it has booted fully and is online, then boot the router and wait for it to be online, finally boot the PC which should then have internet access.

If that hasn't worked, try performing a "hard" reset of the router. This will restore it to its "out-of-the-box" factory settings and require that you set it all up again from scratch. However that should be much less hassle with Cable than it would be with ADSL ;)

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