moorie 00:33 08 Jun 2006

hi my cable company has installed a wireless network
main pc,laptop and daughters pc.
the problem i have is speed is ranging between 2 and 11mbs and is noticeably slower,also if i move it no more than 5 metres from router signal and connection is lost? the router has a range of 35 to 50m and speed to 54mbs.the latop is in room directly above router and pc is a further 6ft away in 2nd bedroom.
i have moved them all into same room as router and all are connectedspeed is slow but signal excellent
the minute i move them out of the room signal lost.
is there something i should be doing/ the router is safecom swbar5400

  mgmcc 09:22 08 Jun 2006

Make sure the router isn't located close to a mobile or cordless phone or any large metal objects, in particular, central heating radiators - any of these can cause problems.

If any of the computers are to be used in the same room as the router, connect them by ethernet cable rather than wirelessly. A wired connection will always be faster and more reliable.

Try changing the wireless channel number from its default setting, which is normally 11. Initially, disable any encryption (WEP or WPA) until the network is working properly.

<<< the minute i move them out of the room signal lost. >>>

What are the walls made of? I did read about one new house that had been built with aluminium foil lining the walls for thermal insulation and that killed the wireless signal totally from outside the room.

  dms05 11:08 08 Jun 2006

I've had problems with Safecom equipment only working within 6 feet of an AP, I never did solve the problem and in the end returned the equipment.

Safecom do have a very good forum that deals with issues like this. Both Safecom staff and knowledgable user contribute. Try it click here . You'll need to register but I was given a great deal of help and can recommend it.

  moorie 13:22 08 Jun 2006

hi moved one pc a cuople of feet ,is slightly more consistant but drops off now and then,i think i will hard wire them into the router,do you think ths will give me a faster and more reliable connection to the second and third computers?despite running the disadvantage of running the walls are solid brick although only a couple to pass through and a ceiling mostly wood id thought

  dms05 13:55 08 Jun 2006

Hard wiring will always be the most reliable (and secure) method of connecting any computers. WiFi is an acceptable alternative in ideal conditions but I'd hard wire if I could. You need simpler equipment with many fewer variables so it's less troublesome to set up a wired system.

  moorie 14:43 08 Jun 2006

thanks dmso5

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