safe to use credit card ?

  jtw57 02:20 29 Apr 2011

hello, i have avg antivirus on my laptop and microsoft security essencials, is that all i need to be safe using my credit card online ?


  wee eddie 03:35 29 Apr 2011

You have 2 Anti Virus Programs, a recipe for disaster.

Get rid of one.

You'll need a firewall, go for Zone Alarm or Comodo, and something to clear any Adware, Malwarebytes is well spoken of.

  Clapton is God 13:00 29 Apr 2011

To start with you should NEVER have more than one anti-virus installed as they will probably cancel each other out.

If you have AVG and MSE, decide which you want and un-install the other one.

Secondly, the fact that you have anti-virus on your PC has absolutely nothing to do with it being "safe using my credit card on line".

The only way you might be safe is to ensure that you only use your card at a website which starts with https.

  AL47 14:47 29 Apr 2011

delete one AV program

install WOT [ i find it very valuable]

dont get tricked into random websites which are 'too good to be true'

if you are suspicious, research and/or avoid

just because it uses paypal/google checkout doesnt mean you wont loose your money!

  jtw57 14:48 29 Apr 2011

keeping AVG, I assume that comes with a firewall ? and will try malwarebytes, what about spybot and C cleaner or would that be to much on a laptop?

many thanks indeed

  Clapton is God 15:12 29 Apr 2011

What are you trying to achieve with Malwarebytes, Spybot and CClenaer?

They all perform different functions

  jtw57 15:43 29 Apr 2011

((What are you trying to achieve with Malwarebytes, Spybot and CClenaer?

They all perform different functions))

i can see wher your coming from, and yes they do perform different functions, but will they be benificial to my laptop or are they just extras i can get by without?


  Clapton is God 16:20 29 Apr 2011

I use Avast AV together with SpywareBlaster and Windows Defender to stop malware.

I do a weekly scan with Malwarebytes and a weekly clean with CCleaner.

I regard them all as essentials, not 'extras'.

  woodchip 16:30 29 Apr 2011

All I use is Free Avast and Windows Firewall, and I do online Banking and and use my CC. Why the need for all the other stuff is beyond me, I have never had a Virus. But there again I do not use a PS3 or Do Games etc, and take care opening E-Mails and how I surf the Web. Been using PC from Win95 days when I spent lots of Nights reloading Windows and software after, trying Cover Disc's. I finally found out the Problem

  woodchip 16:31 29 Apr 2011

PS I also Have My Router Firewall turned on

  Forum Editor 16:36 29 Apr 2011

Provided you observe some common-sense precautions

you'll be perfectly safe using your card for online purchases.

The first thing to do is forget the idea that your own money is involved - you are not spending that, you're spending VISA's money. You obviously have to repay it, but provided you've taken reasonable steps to safeguard your card details the card provider will bear the consequences if something goes wrong.

You'll hear people saying 'I don't use my card online because it's not safe', but that's not the point; online purchasing is as safe, if not safer than handing your card to a waitress in a restaurant, or using it in a petrol station.

As has been pointed out, secure servers (those that have 'https' in front of the address) establish a safe link with your computer for the duration of the transaction, and as long as you check to make sure that you see the 'https' and a small padlock symbol in your browser you'll be as safe online as you would be in a shop. If something goes wrong, let your card provider know about it immediately, and they'll take the strain.

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