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Safe to Turn Off CPU fan monitor?

  Joe G 16:16 24 Mar 2020

I have a PC with an ASUS Motherboard running Windows 10 on an i5 2,500k CPU @3.30Ghz

I've had the computer for about 7 years with no problems (touch wood!) except from the occasional warning message at Boot Up 'American Megatrends CPU Fan Disc Error - Press F1 to continue' This takes me into the BIOS where I simply either Save and Exit or Discard Changes and Exit and the PC boot up fine.

Since I have recently added a Samsung T5 external SSD to a USB port as a data drive the message comes up almost every time I boot up (I really can't see the connection there but that's what has happened)

Looking round the web I have noticed a few people have this problem and a number of videos showing how to disable the CPU fan monitor. I'm a bit reluctant to do this for obvious reasons. Can anyone advise if this is a safe thin to do or should I just put up with the slight inconvenience on boot up?

Appreciate any advice!

  Joe G 15:31 25 Mar 2020

Thanks - just rebooted and looked into the BIOS again and found it had CPU Q Fan enabled. I've tried reducing the monitor warning speed from 600 RPM 300 RPM as that was suggested on one of the pages I was looking at - if that doesn't work I'll have a look inside though I am a little unconfident doing that - I've swapped RAM & SSD's over but nothing more technical than that!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:17 25 Mar 2020

Q fan will slow it down to keep it quieter so may be worth disabling q fan.

  Joe G 17:24 25 Mar 2020

Thanks I will try that too! Appreciate the help!

  Joe G 17:06 26 Mar 2020

First boot up after disabling Q fan was fine - didn't go into the American Megatrends screen though of course fan noise has increased significantly.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:21 26 Mar 2020

Hope that's sorted it then if you can put up with the noise

or as I said earlier open the box and clean the fan blades and heatsink

  wee eddie 19:55 26 Mar 2020

My preferred cleaning tools are a 1/2 inch (Natural Bristle) Paint Brush, a Hair Drier, and a sunny day, outdoors

  Joe G 20:18 26 Mar 2020

Thanks very much - I'm sure it does need a clean - never been cleaned in about 7 years I have had it! Might have to pluck up courage. Odd that the problem became more persistent after I attached an external SSD as it's not in the way of anything

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