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Safe to Turn Off CPU fan monitor?

  Joe G 16:16 24 Mar 2020

I have a PC with an ASUS Motherboard running Windows 10 on an i5 2,500k CPU @3.30Ghz

I've had the computer for about 7 years with no problems (touch wood!) except from the occasional warning message at Boot Up 'American Megatrends CPU Fan Disc Error - Press F1 to continue' This takes me into the BIOS where I simply either Save and Exit or Discard Changes and Exit and the PC boot up fine.

Since I have recently added a Samsung T5 external SSD to a USB port as a data drive the message comes up almost every time I boot up (I really can't see the connection there but that's what has happened)

Looking round the web I have noticed a few people have this problem and a number of videos showing how to disable the CPU fan monitor. I'm a bit reluctant to do this for obvious reasons. Can anyone advise if this is a safe thin to do or should I just put up with the slight inconvenience on boot up?

Appreciate any advice!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:11 24 Mar 2020

lookin BIOS to see if you have Intel smart fan control

if so you will need to disable the fan monitor or the Intel fan control as they conflict and give you the message.

  Joe G 17:23 24 Mar 2020

Thanks will do

  Joe G 17:24 24 Mar 2020

I don't remember seeing that but will look on next boot up!

  Joe G 22:53 24 Mar 2020

Now checked this - I have an Internal Thermal Adaptive Monitor enabled but can't see any reference to a Intel smart fan control. Any other suggestions? As I say I've not had any issues with the PC but don't want to take any risks in turning the CPU fan monitor off

  Joe G 22:55 24 Mar 2020

This is one of the pages where it suggests turning off the fan monitor click here

  Joe G 23:06 24 Mar 2020

I should add I have checked the CPU temperatures with Core Temp on occasions and have always been fine

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:33 24 Mar 2020

What references do you have in the BIOS to CPU Fan?

or CPU Q fan?

  Joe G 23:36 24 Mar 2020

There are a list of fan speeds and an option to disable fan monitor

  Joe G 23:38 24 Mar 2020

That's under the monitor section of the BIOS

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:12 25 Mar 2020

Might be time to open the case and see exactly what happens when you boot up and get the message. does the fan actually work at this time ?

worth a clean of the fan and sometimes you can 2oil theses by peeling back the label to reval a small pin hole and apply a drop of thin machine oil.

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