safe temp for a AMD 64bit 3500+

  matt1234 21:28 18 Jul 2005


My motherboard has just told me my processors (stated above) is a 50c Is this safe. Whats the recommend tempeature forit? I amd using the cooler that came with it, if thats not good enogh can someone recommend me a new one?


  woodchip 21:40 18 Jul 2005

That should be OK

  matt1234 22:00 18 Jul 2005

although thats after some gaming on CS whats the hottest this processor can go upto?

  woodchip 22:06 18 Jul 2005

Check AMD site, Just Type AMD in Google

  matt1234 22:14 18 Jul 2005

it says anything over 65c is dangerous so im fine.

  jan-boy 22:55 18 Jul 2005

I have the the same proccessor as you and the default threshold settings on the Asus probe monitor are 75c for MB. and 77c for the CPU.

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