Safe to remove/insert Smart Media from reader?

  Roadgiant 17:45 06 Aug 2003

I have just purchased a SmartMedia USB card reader for use with my Digital Camera Smart Media Cards, on the packaging it says it is hot swappable which I assume means pluging in reader to UsB port when PC is powered up.
There are no insructions with reader, and what I would like to know is it safe to swap SmartMedia cards in and out of the reader when unit is connected without causing any damage to SmartMedia cards?
Thanks In advance for any help

  recap 17:52 06 Aug 2003

Right click the drive that the reader is on and select "Eject" from the list. Also when going to un-plug the reader look in the systray (next to clock) for an icon with a green arrow across it, and open this to enable you to stop the device for safe removal from the computer.

  Key Bored 18:03 06 Aug 2003

I agree with recap. You should have no problems at all.

Key Bored.

  hssutton 20:02 06 Aug 2003

I have been using a cardreader for the past 2.5 years and have never bothered with the above, and have never experienced any problems. I just make sure that I'm not reading or writing to the card when I remove it

  graham√ 20:07 06 Aug 2003

As above, leaving the reader plugged in to the USB, you can insert and remove the media card without causing a problem.

  Stuartli 21:10 06 Aug 2003

If you remove the card from the reader without first closing the session via the icon or, alternatively, switching the system off first, you will almost certainly lose what is on it and have to reformat as well.

It's the same with my digital camera - until the built-in warning light stops flashing it cannot be disconnected.

You won't actually damage the card by removing it, but you will almost certainly experience the problems mentioned.

  Jester2K II 21:13 06 Aug 2003


Always delete / fornat the card in the camera.

Also don't open files directly from the card either. Copy the files to the hard drive and open / edit from there.

  Chris the Ancient 21:46 06 Aug 2003

A very valid warning!

There have been links where people have tried to format their CFC on the pc and then find it won't reformat on the camera!

Luckily, I ain't done it yet!


  Stuartli 21:54 06 Aug 2003

Sound advice from both Jester2K II and Chris the Ancient.

However, if you delete shots via the PC in error you can reformat the card again in the camera (at least this applies with SD/MMC cards).

  jospar 22:32 06 Aug 2003

My heart was a pounding, sat on top of my computer was my card reader which I has sat there since monday when I transfered my holiday pics onto my hard drive, and guess what? muggins had deleted the pics via my computer ahhhhh

Just pulled it out, and put it into my camera and formatted and everything seems all right phew!

Didn't fanncy grovalling around hubby for a new SD card, he was suprised at how much this one cost!

  hssutton 23:23 06 Aug 2003

Sorry to disagree with Stuartli but as I said earlier I have never done what he suggests, I just insert/remove my C/flash, Microdrive and Smartmedia cards, I am over the 20,000 images mark and have never had any problems, This applies to XP-Pro and Win 98se. Also with regards to reformatting or writing to the card in the PC, I have done this on many occasions. I would point out though, this was done using Win 98se. Just one other point I always open my image files direct from the card, edit then save to my H/drive as Tiffs then save to DVD.

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