Safe Removal of Flash Drive

  [DELETED] 08:30 25 Mar 2006

I am responsible for four computers all in different locations and all using WIN98SE. I want to use a Kingston Datatraveler 2 to transfer data between them. WIN98SE does not have a built-in facility for safely removing flash drives, a third party program has to be used. The software with the Kingston provides such a facility, in the form of a small program called "Safeeject". This program runs OK on three of my computers but not on the fourth. There it gives the error message "Incorrest Windows Version. This application is for Windows 98 SE only". As far as I can tell all my machines have the same version of Windows installed from the same Windows CD and the system files, Registry entries, etc. all appear to be the same. I would be grateful for suggestions.

  Graham ® 08:50 25 Mar 2006

Most USB devices are 'hot pluggable', you may simply unplug the flash drive.

  [DELETED] 09:06 25 Mar 2006

click here may help.

  [DELETED] 10:30 25 Mar 2006

Thank you, but just physically removing the flash drive does cause problems, such as loss of data, failure of the drive and BSOD. Microsoft would not have provided a safe removal facility in later versions of Windows if it was just that simple!

  [DELETED] 11:14 25 Mar 2006

I am running Win 98SE and have only ever just plugged/unplugged my USB devices (Flash Drive, Camera, Card Reader, MP3 player etc) without any problems.

A possible reason for having a "safe removal" for XP is because XP doesn't need drivers for USB and has to find the device every time it is plugged/unplugged???

Win 98SE has specific drivers for each device.

  [DELETED] 11:21 25 Mar 2006

AndySD, Many thanks, but I should have made clear that there is no problem with the Flash Drive or the USB system. The right drivers are in place. The problem is that the small subsidiary program "Safeeject" will not run on one machine out of four. The real question is why should this be so when all four are running on WIN98SE? The error message "Incorrect Windows Version, etc." seems odd. How does the program tell what windows version is installed and what can I do to convine it that WIN98SE is in place? I tried re-installing WIN98SE but that did not solve the problem.

  Sapins 11:27 25 Mar 2006

Have you tried re-installing "Safeeject" on the machine it will not run on?

  [DELETED] 11:33 25 Mar 2006

pj123, Thanks but XP already provides drivers for Flash Drives. 98se does not, they have to be provided by third parties. However, having got the drivers installed (either directly or from outside) both systems have to find and load the flash drive in the same way. The only difference then is that XP provides for the safe removal of the drive but 98se does not.

  [DELETED] 11:39 25 Mar 2006

Sapins, Many, many times! I have also tried downloading the program again but with the same result. For some reason it does not think I am running WIN98SE. I tried running it in "Safe Mode" in case some other program was causing the problem but I still got the same error message.

  Peter 11:58 25 Mar 2006


I have been trying out USB drives under Windows 98SE and found that just unplugging the drive does cause problems some of the time. To overcome this I now right click on the drive in My Computer, or Explore (not Internet Explorer), and use the "Eject" option before unplugging the drive.


  Pidder 15:49 25 Mar 2006

I would have thought that making sure the PC was not accessing the drive would allow it's removal without problems.

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