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  [DELETED] 11:45 15 Feb 2006

Is there anyway to have a PC that will surf and do office tasks but won't be affected by viruses/spyware and all that good stuff.

Like a linux machine that has the os/apps on a chip but still has a hd to download stuff onto.

Obviously, upgrading would not be possible but I think that W98 still works perfectly well, lacks a few bells and whistles, but if it guaranteed me a safe PC, it would be fine.

  [DELETED] 19:45 15 Feb 2006

you can not make a pc 100% safe but if you have av and firewall and keep it up-todate and are carefull about opening e-mail attachments you should be ok. Some av blocks spyware before it gets on your pc and there are free spyware removers.

  [DELETED] 19:48 15 Feb 2006

if you would like some links to software to protect your pc as much as possible post back

  [DELETED] 09:29 16 Feb 2006

No, I have a 'safe' PC, but I get asked for help a lot and the people who ask me do not understand the whole concept - why should they, they have no interest in the PC, just what it can do. They don't do anything with their PC other than type a few letters and surf the net, it seems to it would be better for a surfing/wp machine, totally restricted so that no upgrades/installations are necessary. An ADSL line brings good quality internet, all that is required is a terminal to display it. You may argue that new applications ie Windows Media Player 25 will exploit the latest architecture but most people don't care. I'm not saying it is for everyone, but there is a large market out there for a totally safe PC.

  [DELETED] 10:07 16 Feb 2006

Even if someone created a "safe" PC such as you describe I'm willing to bet the scumbags that create the viruses would work at it until they found some way of targeting it.

Its sad but given the complexity of modern PCs I don't think a totally "safe" PC is attainable. Having said that, as I'm sure you know if you have a firewall and up to date antivirus software and a couple of malware tools and use your computer in a sensible way you will be ok. The trouble is going to dodgy sites and downloading stuff. I'm sick of telling people who call on me that the virus probably got in because they did this only to find that a couple of months later they do the exact same thing again. So much so that a couple of them I've just told to go to a computer shop explaining that I don't have time to fix it. It seems to be the only thing I can do, even the cost of a proper shop repairing the PC and them losing all the info on their PC doesn't seem to put them off they still do it again.

What is Windows Media Player 25 by the way I've never heard of it?

  [DELETED] 11:24 16 Feb 2006

Its the incarnation of WMP that is 15 versions down the line but if MS (picking on them unfairly) have their way will be a 'must have' in a short space of time. Part of what I am saying is be happy with all the versions you have now and just use that.

If the core memory is read only, with a clean install on it, why is this not possible and available, OK you have to take the desktop you are given, no customisation allowed.

What about a motherboard with a replaceable core, effectively upgrading the PC after a fairly major update?

Just sounding off, but fed up that we are slaves to the never ending upgrade machine, that supplies us with un-finished at-risk products.

  [DELETED] 13:29 16 Feb 2006

unfortunately the malaware content on the internet evolves continually so therefore updates also have to be the same.People that have a pc or laptop need to be educated, like it or not on the basic requirements for internet surfing regarding security.You can not lay the blame on the manufacturers.

  [DELETED] 18:40 16 Feb 2006

Sorry but I don't agree, I have a friend that didn't need much from a PC, I gave him an old W98 PC that he used for his business, mainly Excel and Word, but he needed to send the odd email, apart from the fact that the PC was semi-knackered it worked fine for quite some time, nothing about it needed updating. Now with ADSL, all the ISP account settings can be stored in the router, all that is required is basic software stored in a secure way i.e. an eprom, there are now portable apps appearing that can be installed on a USB drive and also Linux distributions that can do the same - surely it is a relatively small step to actually replace the ram with (read-only) flash memory with os/apps pre-installed.

Sorry I don't wish to harp on about this, but with some technical flair I just think that this is possible and would be perfectly adequate for the mass market that do not ever use a PC to its potential (I could be one of them most of the time)

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