asterias 08:19 04 Feb 2009

My O/S is XP Prof'.I'm trying to access SAFE MODE but each time I do a restart pressing and holding F8 a window pops up headed "Select Boot Priority".Any suggestions on how to access Safe Mode plse?

  eedcam 08:28 04 Feb 2009

Start >run >Type 'msconfig' then use the boot ini tab and tick safe mode.

  birdface 08:38 04 Feb 2009

Just keep tapping F8 and don't hold it down.

  rdave13 09:09 04 Feb 2009

Or try F5.

  eedcam 11:09 04 Feb 2009

I had the same prob and neither F8 or F5 would do it only way was as I posted

  brundle 11:19 04 Feb 2009

You're pressing it too soon, some PC's use F8 to select Boot Device immediately after switching on, hold off for a few seconds, but press it before you see the XP logo.

  eedcam 12:00 04 Feb 2009

Brundle I tried umpteen permutations of speed
Why mess around with that when a couple of clicks with Msconfig works and you can do it any time not just on startup

  asterias 13:14 04 Feb 2009

Very many thks chaps for your advice.

  asterias 13:58 04 Feb 2009

I used the "msconfig" route and all went well as you suggested,however,to my surprise,F5 worked as well.
Thks guys.

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