Safe made reboot

  RFB 21:39 05 Feb 2008

Hi folks, an old member here from the days of Gandolf and friends. Sadly dont get much time to contribute any more.
Here for help this time.
Win32:Beagle worm has got me. Very, very clever piece of code.
I have eradicated the worm but it always stopped me from booting into safe mode. I installed a free program called "BootSafe". Unfortunately I now have a situation where I cannot boot at all. The dos Safe mode, Safe mode with command prompt, Last know....appear but when selected all reboot the system.
I now have a dual boot system having reinstalled the XP and can access all the programs but not my saved email docs and addresses. If you clever people could find some way for me retrieve these would be ever so grateful.
Many thanks,
RFB 8-)

  STREETWORK 21:49 05 Feb 2008

When you say dual boot, have to got 2 partitions on the hard drive?

BTW welcome back RFB

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:52 05 Feb 2008

Search your old system for files ending .dbx. These are your emails. There should be Inbox.dbx, Outbox.dbx, Drafts.dbx etc. There must also be Folders.dbx, this is the data telling OE how the emails are compressed. Save all these dbx files, then you can either import them into OE on your new computer, or overwrite the files of the same name in the new computer. Look for a file called (name).wab, this is your address book, and a folder called Favorites. Save these and either import or overwrite to transfer them.

  RFB 21:52 05 Feb 2008

Thanks Streetwork, just the one partition.
The system halts at boot asking which partition to boot from.

Sabout 5 years.. time changes things.
Loved participating 8-)

  RFB 22:00 05 Feb 2008

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\

Looking now but I worry they might be gone. Perhaps a n unerase program might do the trick.. as a last resort.

Thanks again

  emperor ming 22:15 05 Feb 2008

Thanks Streetwork, just the one partition.
The system halts at boot asking which partition to boot from.
does it give you more than one?

  RFB 06:51 06 Feb 2008

Thanks emperor ming I have two installs of xp never thought of it as two partitions but this is probably the case.
Thanks again.

  STREETWORK 07:29 06 Feb 2008

OK, boot into the partition you know works, from there do as fruitbat suggests but be sure to select the relevant drive or you will only search the partition you booted to.

also use windows explorerer, right click start button and select expore. here you should be able to view and examine any files on the PC...

Post back

  RFB 20:17 06 Feb 2008

Many thanks for your help folks.
Did as suggested and I have retrieved my address book but the mail is a mess, going to take a while to sort out. I`ll back it up then reformat (it`s about time) sort it out at my leisure.
Thanks again to all who helped.
RFB 8-)

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