Safe made, laptop will not go to safe mode ?

  andy63walsh 08:00 19 Mar 2009

I can't start laptop in safe mode, if I hit F8 it keeps rebooting and will never start in safe mode when I ask it to ? Any ideas

  eedcam 08:22 19 Mar 2009

Not as to why but you can get it into safe mode if you go Start>run> msconfig>boot ini and tick safe mode

  andy63walsh 09:19 19 Mar 2009

tried that, now it just keeps rebooting and won't work at all, any ideas how to get it to normal ?

  [DELETED] 09:36 19 Mar 2009

If vista try booting with the Vista disc in the drive and do a repair. If no disk you can create a repair disc; click here

  andy63walsh 10:14 19 Mar 2009

It's xp pro

  andy63walsh 08:27 20 Mar 2009

if i hit esc twice when it boots, i get the choice of cd rom network adaptor etc, can I plug a lan cable from a good pc and look into laptop and try to fix it like that ?

  Taff™ 08:37 20 Mar 2009

It won`t work like that! You need to repair the XP Pro OS - do you have an XP Pro disc and the COA sticker on the computer?

  Taff™ 08:42 20 Mar 2009

Can you get to the safe mode choices screen and select Safe Mode with Command Prompt. If so we could try a System Restore from there.

  andy63walsh 08:50 20 Mar 2009

I have the disc, but when i try it just keeps rebooting. If I choose s,mode with c,promt it still goes to safe mode on each corner of screen, but you dont get any choices to do any thing, just says safe mode in corners with black plain screen in centre ?

  Taff™ 09:00 20 Mar 2009

Are you booting from the CD-Rom with the XP disc in it? If it is rebooting in this scenario we may have a slightly different problem.

  andy63walsh 09:18 20 Mar 2009

what ever i try, it keeps rebooting, I've even tried xp home disc that came with pc

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