laptopdunce 10:04 04 Aug 2013

I inadvertently downloaded a programme and got alot of useless rubbish downloaded also, different toolbars etc., I managed to remove them in the control panel - programs BUT when I use google Chrome now I get this Delta Search (click here showing as the home page, and sometimes one called "Sweetpacks" which brings up ads. which look very suspicious to me, I cant find this "del;ta search" and "sweetpacks" anywhere in my programmes list/toolbars etc., so my question is: are these toolbar things safe? as my IE browser has been running very slow and jamming up when I use normal websites (like PCADVISOR) in i.e. it just jams and comes up with a tab at the bottom saying "recover webpage" and at the top "windows not responding" - I think there is something hidden away that is causing the I.E. to slow down and give these "sweet packs" and "delta search" banners in google chrome, am I right? and if so what do I do to get rid of these sweetpacks and delta search (if they are causing the problem?) thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:13 04 Aug 2013

To remove Delta Search as new tab and homepage for Google Chrome,

Start Chrome and go to the Google Chrome Menu.

Settings. - select On startup, click Open a specific page or set of pages

Click on Set Pages and delete the Delta-Search page from the list.

back to Settings screen and select Manage search engines. If Delta-Search is default search, change it and click Make Default for whatever search engine you choose instead, click Done.

Settings page one more time and click on Extensions. Remove unwanted Delta-Search extensions from the list.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:15 04 Aug 2013

Sweetpacks removal see here

  laptopdunce 13:10 04 Aug 2013

Hi Fruitbat, I have done that for the first answer about the setting in Google chrome, I changeed the delta homepage to Google homepage, in the third part of your answer I have been into "extensions" and have only found in there : ilivid New tabs and avast anti virus and then "get more extensions)- I use the ilivid programme for converting youtube vids, and my anti-virus is the Avast one. As there is on the "get more extensions" I dont think that is necessary to open that?? I can see "sweetpacks" in the list of homepages in the settings in "manage search engines" but have only ticked google as the default homepage.

As for the Hitman programme I would like to download this but have had ENORMOUS PROBLEMS in the past with this programme, there doesnt seem to be a TOTALLY free version of this programme, it only gives you the option of a one time scan and then it finds loads of malware (??) but then asks you to pay to delete it all!! Is there a free download for this Hitman programme, I did run Anti-malware bytes but it didnt find any malware. So I am a bit nervous of trying the "remove sweetpacks" from the link you sent, I did remove sweetpacks from control panel>programs but it is still there, and I am a bit nervous of trying to remove it manually from the instructions on that link, I am after all a total DUNCE, what you think? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 15:28 04 Aug 2013

Hi, PS, I am still gettting this TERRIBLE SweetPacks as homepage when I use Internet Exlplorer, the Delta homepage seem to have gone now from the Google Chrome browser (and I am using Chrome now as my browser as I.E. is totally buggered up now) I will have to try and get rid of the Sweetpacks from the instructions you sent earlier as i.e. keeps shutting down and showing that "recover webpage" thing, Oh, its AWFUL!! LAPTOPDUNCE

  rdave13 16:19 04 Aug 2013

Better removal instructions here.

  laptopdunce 01:42 05 Aug 2013

Thaks for that, I have printed off the instructions and will have to do all this when I have more time, I did actually run the Anti-malwarebytes scan already (as I have MBAM programme already installed) and it came up with 35 PUP files, but even after clearing these and rebooting I still have the Sweetpacks appearing on my I.e. and chrome browser! I hope I can manage to to all this on my own! one thing, when I have followed the instructions and downloaded the Rkill and ADWcleaner files and done the things in the instructions do I have to download AGAIN the MBAM antimalwarebytes programme over again? (given it is already installed on this laptop)? I guess I will have to be on the internet all the time I am following the instructions of this removal process? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 18:02 05 Aug 2013

HELP!! this has taken on a sinister dimension, my laptop wont open any of the programmes now! I am using a little netbook on the same router, I havent started the Rkill process yet for getting rid of this AWFUL SweetPacks thing, can I download the Rkill programme (and the other one, the AdwClearner programme to a USB stick from this netbook?? and then try and load it to my laptop that is infected? would I have to do that in the "safe Mode" - how could I get Rkill installed to the other laptop?? I am only getting my screensaver picture when I log on to windows and none of the programmes on the desktop are showing BUT if I start it up in the safe mode nearly all the desktop programmes are showing, so I figure this Sweetpack is f**king up the laptop so it wont access the internet or open desktop programmes?? Luckily I did print off the instructions yesterday - Oh what a NIGHMARE!! I am jigling this along with appointments and being in and out, Oh, its HORRIBLE - Should I post this question again as another topic thread? I will do inTech Helproom as I have to go out again now and wont be back till very late, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE - will I get my laptop working again?? I dont want to have to buy a new one, this is only 4 months old!!

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