Safe to delete these files ?

  freaky 13:29 18 Dec 2005

I have a new PC bought a year ago this month. In the C:/Windows/Temp folder there are a load of files dated 12th December 04 and earlier.

25 files are labelled 'Setup Information' the rest have various titles. As they take up a lot of space is it OK to delete them?

  stalion 13:46 18 Dec 2005

run this it will clean out all unecessary rubbish
from your pc click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:46 18 Dec 2005

I would think so as they are in a tmp folder.

Delete to recycle bin and do not empty the recycle bin untill you are sure everything is still running ok. If not then restore them from the recycle bin.

Rember you ill not save disk space untill the recycle bin is emptied.

  freaky 16:20 18 Dec 2005

What I think I'll do is open a new folder, and send these temp files to it. I can then send them back to the temp folder if there are any problems. If I use the Recycle Bin, then I may accidentally delete them!

  mark2 16:38 18 Dec 2005

also see click here for files/folders you can safely delete and why

  Taff™ 17:22 18 Dec 2005

The Recycle Bin is exactly what you are going to set up. A tempory folder from which you can restore the files to their original locations. Run CCleaner and be done with it!

  freaky 18:00 18 Dec 2005

I appreciate what the link will do - but I already have Norton Clean Sweep, this will do the same.

I do not wish to permanently delete the files in the Temp folder until I am certain they are not required. Therefore, by moving them to a new folder, if everything runs OK then I know it is OK to permanently remove them.

I think you will find that CCleaner will only remove temporary Internet Files - not files in the Windows Temp folder.

  freaky 18:04 18 Dec 2005

Thanks for the link, it does state there that some files in the Windows Temp File might be used by certain programs on boot up. Hence my caution in permanently deleting them.

  freaky 10:44 19 Dec 2005

Thanks for the replies - matter now resolved.

  Taff™ 11:29 19 Dec 2005

I assure you CCleaner does! Glad it`s resolved anyway.

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