safe to delete?

  tornado3 19:18 08 Jul 2004

i ran bazooka on my pc. it told me i had a spywear called support softwear' is it safe to delete it? when i tried it said removel will change your internet explorer! wot do i do save or delete?

  QuickHare 19:22 08 Jul 2004

I fair bit of spyware sits as part of Internet Explorer to monitor websites you visit. This cannot happen unless IE is monitored, and the only way to do this is to make itself a 'plugin' to be part of it.

I would backup your computer before doing anything, and then let it work. Otherwise, you could use Lavasoft's Ad-Aware to check, safe that it will do a good job.

Either way, backup the computer before you do anything drastic or unknown.

  Gaz 25 19:27 08 Jul 2004

bazooka is spyware itself.

One trip to google on bazooka spyware will uncover.

  tornado3 19:35 08 Jul 2004

i was told by some one on hear to use it! kephyr

  tornado3 19:49 08 Jul 2004

should i delete bazooka then? kephyr was the site i downloaded it from.

  VoG II 19:50 08 Jul 2004

Could you explain please? Why do you say Bazooka is spyware?

  tornado3 20:00 08 Jul 2004

is bazooka spywear then?

  end 20:51 08 Jul 2004

bazooka is spyware....owch!!!!
and I readily downloaded IT here not too long ago........and IT is still " sitting " in my recycle bin ...and called " bazooka scanner"..oR is that " somthing different"?????


IT told me I had some spyware ON here and asked me to go into the registry to remove it, down a " long-pathway"...............

do I crawl under a table now...or later........

  tornado3 21:02 08 Jul 2004

do i delete bazooka then?

  tornado3 21:03 08 Jul 2004

im confused??

  VoG II 21:05 08 Jul 2004

Well, Bazooka is not listed on click here

Thanks to Nellie2 for this - she is a member of click here - so I'm happy to accept her advice.

I've run Bazooka and never had indication of anything dodgy about it.

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