Safe and Clean Computers 2

  skidzy 21:47 15 Dec 2008

Safe and Clean Computers 2
The previous thread of Safe and Clean Computers proved successful here at PCA, so I think its time for an update !
Over the past few years ive visited friends and family preparing there computers for safe surfing and general housekeeping of there computer,not to mention friends of there friends.

Here I have compiled a list of (in my opinion) probably the best and safest programs to use.These updated regularly will protect and maintain most computers.

Obviously,safe and careful surfing will reduce the visits of nasty viruses and malware/spyware.

All the below programs are free:

AVG Free click here
Avast Free click here
Antivir click here

One of the above coupled with a decent software Firewall.


Zonealarm click here
Comodo click here
Sygate click here

Remember, only one Antivirus and one Firewall to one Computer.
Do not highlight your risk to conflicts by trying to use more than one Antivirus and firewall.

Now we have the AV and Firewall protecting you,lets move on to stopping the Malware/Spyware slowing the computer or even redirecting you to those nasty locations.

Antispyware: on demand scanners, best updated and run in safemode .

Malwarebytes click here
Superantispyware click here
Asquared click here

Spyware blocker ;


click here (manual update needed ).

Winpatrol is an excellent system monitor,this will monitor any authorized or unauthorized changes to your computer.It also does much more (to much to write here im afraid).

Winpatrol click here

To clean your temp files/cookies and tidy those obsolete registry paths and orphaned entries after removal of various software ccleaner is all that is needed.

Ccleaner click here

Some are unaware of an alternative browser than Internet Explorer,here are a couple more-with my favourite Firefox.

Firefox click here
Opera click here
Flock click here

This is basic list of essentials to most online computer users,and by no means need them all.
However to maintain those family/single user computers-I believe some of these are a must.
I hope this helps those who are unaware of the programs available for free.
No doubt this will be added to by the forum members,there are a lot more helpful programs out there,but most of the time ….not needed.

As a final contribution to this,if you feel you are infected with Malware/Spyware or possibly a Virus or Trojan resulting in a slow or unresponsive computer…please download:

HIJACKTHIS click here
Run this and post the scan log
Malwareremoval click here
Virus vault click here
Bleeping Computer click here

And let the experts advise you accordingly,please be patient-you will get a reply and help in due course.
NB: obviously no program is foolproof,but these are the best around at this time (in my opinion).

Zonealarm (if xp)
Vista own firewall
Mbam On demand scanner
Superantispyware On demand scanner
Spywareblaster Blocker
Ccleaner Cleaner
Firefox Browser
Flock Browser
IE Browser

Finally I cannot stress enough how important a backup strategy is. My recommendation would be to buy Acronis True Image and an external hard drive.

Acronis True Image 10 click here

Or version 11 click here

Hope this information comes in useful for some.

  Technotiger 21:51 15 Dec 2008

Hi skidzy - grreat idea to do an update.

I hope you are well and Merry Christmas.

  skidzy 21:55 15 Dec 2008

Hi Techno
All the best to you also mate.

  mammak 22:22 15 Dec 2008

Good to see your "Safe and Clean Computers" on the go again, good advice as always!

I also noticed your Vista firewall recommendation, (it probably was mentioned before but only just noticed it :-0) good stuff, keep up the good work skidzy.

  brundle 23:49 15 Dec 2008

Secunia Personal Software Inspector; click here

Scans your PC for outdated/vulnerable software and gives you download links to patches or recommendations if there are no updates. Left to run in the background it will keep tabs on new vulnerabilities and remove any warnings it flagged when you update that particular app.
It's not good to be paranoid about security online, but a little bit of care goes a long way...

  skidzy 16:05 16 Dec 2008


Hi Ma,been a while,hope your well.
Thankyou for the feedback.


SPI is a great little program and certainly worth having on any computer.

I have not seen that before and have just installed and run the program.
This did flag three issues with Java but only because i was behind with my java updates.

Excellent news as Java can be easily exploited.Now patched and all is well again.

Thankyou brundle for an excellent little program to add to the above.

  colinb1604 16:27 16 Dec 2008

times Ive tried to download winpatrol and it keeps crashing firefox, anyone else having problems

  tullie 16:41 16 Dec 2008

No problems here with firefox.
I dont think Sygate is compatible with Vista?

  skidzy 16:42 16 Dec 2008

Ive never had an issue with Winpatrol installing on any computer.And ive lost count on how computers ive installed this on.

Can you give us any more information on the problem you are having ?

And what version of Firefox are you using ?

This can be found by clicking the Help tab and About Mozilla Firefox.
The current version is Firefox/3.0.4 excluding a Beta version.

First and simple advice would be;

Removing WinPatrol
Uninstalling WinPatrol works like any other Windows programs that follows guidelines from Microsoft.

If you see the Scotty icon in your system tray just right-click on the Scotty icon to display the WinPatrol menu.

To exit the program select Exit Program and WinPatrol will stop monitoring your system.

To Remove WinPatrol completely from your system go to the Windows Control Panel and choose the Add/Remove Programs applet. This applet provides a list of currently installed programs including WinPatrol. Just click on WinPatrol and follow the Uninstall instructions. WinPatrol will be removed and will no longer start each time your computer is rebooted.

Solving Install problems
Typically, any install problems can be fixed with one of the following solutions.

1) Make sure you have room on your hard drive. All setup programs require extra space to uncompress files.

2) Download or Save the wpsetup.exe program to your hard drive and run it locally instead of opening it from the web page.

3) Use the classic, Reboot Windows and try it with a fresh system. For some reason this actually solves the problem more times than anything else.

4) On multi-user machines it's recommended you are logged with an account that had administrative rights.

# "Error 403 Forbidden" when trying to download WinPatrol setup program.

This issue has been known to occur when the Internet Temp Folder is too full. We've also seen problems trying to use the IE's right-click context menu when this folder has too many files.

1. Run Internet Explorer, on the menu Tools, select Internet Options.
2. Click Delete Files, and then click OK.
3. Click OK to close the Internet Options dialog box.

Clear out any remnants of Winpatrol using Ccleaner.
Download Winpatrol to your desktop and close any browsers that are open,now try to reinstall Winpatrol.

  skidzy 16:48 16 Dec 2008

well spotted though i was not in general specifying Vista,though i should have stated that Sygate is not for Vista.

Thankyou for the reminder.

  Border View 23:07 16 Dec 2008

Brilliant set of information. Many thanks skidzy.

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