S3 Graphics Inc. Savage MX

  Stutter 10:09 21 Sep 2007

Hello, the S3 Graphics Inc. Savage MX device has stopped working, I've ran the troubleshoot but that did nothing, I've unistalled and reinstalled device and drivers but that didn't fix it either - Any ideas?

Thank you.

  Belatucadrus 10:30 21 Sep 2007

What exactly do you mean by stopped working ? The fact that you can uninstall and reinstall drivers would seem to indicate there's a video output, so it's still doing something.

  Stutter 10:42 21 Sep 2007

When I turned my comp on this morning it looked all wrong, like I was starting in safe mode. When I go to display in the control panel, I'm running at 800 x 600 pixels, and colour quality is on lowest (4 bit) - I can't change these settings.
In device manager there is an exclamation mark on the device, the only information I can get about it is that it has a problem - If I reinstall it, it says it has a problem - no where does it say what the problem is.
I hope this a made it a little clearer.

  keef66 12:09 21 Sep 2007

It does sound like it isn't finding the drivers for the graphics card so it's running the windows default drivers.

In device manager under display adapter can you check the driver version number and do you get the option of rolling back or updating the drivers?

  Stutter 10:24 23 Sep 2007

I tried changing the drivers, nothing happened. Problem solved anyway, I've got a new, bigger hard drive installed with a fresh copy of XP.
Thanks for trying to help.

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