s-video out

  >steve< 15:43 12 Mar 2006

iwas just wondering are all s-video plugs the same?i want to connect my laptop to a tv anyway i have just been to get a lead and when i had it my hands it looked different it had got six pins are these s-video leads a standard type.

  woodchip 15:46 12 Mar 2006

Yes but you have to go to Display settings in Control Panel and set your Display adapter for dual screen TV and Laptop

  bloo meeny 16:11 12 Mar 2006

S-Video (aka S-VHS or Mini-DIN) connections have 4 pins
click here

Six pins doesn't sound right to me.

  bloo meeny 16:13 12 Mar 2006

Just to add that the 'Home Page' to the link I posted is useful for all kinds of stuff .... have a look.

  >steve< 16:54 12 Mar 2006

i wonder if the other two pins i saw fit in the gaps above the 4 pins in the picture you posted.

  myfoot 17:46 12 Mar 2006

There are at least three configuration for Svideo plugs, 4, 6, and either 7 or 9. Very few TV.s have S-video capapbility even with converter plugs. I've tried. I can recommentd and online shop _ cableuniverse.co.uk for low price cables and prompt service.

  bloo meeny 17:55 12 Mar 2006

In that diagram, the long black rectangle is a plastic location peg - if the lead you saw had pins side by side in that location, it could have been a ps/2 keyboard or mouse extension which is the SAME DIAMETER and type of plug. The six pin ps/2 plug also has a plastic location plug, but aligned vertically between the upper four pins.

looks like S-Video has gone the same way as 'standard' DIN plugs (introduced in the early 70's ?) - they had anything from 2 to around 15 pins !!

  myfoot 00:05 14 Mar 2006

OOPs I was talking about Firewire , as I bought a 4 pin and was surprised to see there are so many other types

  bloo meeny 08:51 14 Mar 2006

I see :o) Hope >steve< got it sorted anyway.

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