owen080808 22:03 16 Jan 2003
  owen080808 22:03 16 Jan 2003

i am having trouble connecting my windows xp laptop, (using s video) to my television. i want to be able to watch movies from my laptop on my tv, i have an s-video to scart connection and was wondering if anyone could suggest to me a reason for the set up not working?

  Rtus 22:30 16 Jan 2003

the most usual reason is not selecting the correct av input while veiwing you would also have to check the tv settings for av input and ensure they are set to s-vid ..

  Installer. 22:30 16 Jan 2003

Have you gone to your video cards tv out tab and activated it? more info needed.

Sorry but "not working" not really much help.

  Sneakers 22:51 16 Jan 2003

I fell foul of this when i first wanted to use my Laptop DVD player to my TV.
'Installer' acurately points to the most likely problem.
You're laptop needs to 'know' that you want to output using the s-video to your TV. Videocard setting are quite easy to use.
I access mine by the following, yours should not be too different:
Control Panel/Displays/Settings/Advanced/TV.

  nerd1 22:57 16 Jan 2003

I have been looking into this recently on my tv. My conclusion was that s-video uses different connections in the scart socket than normal video. Therefore your television needs to be able to accept s-video data. On my tv the svideo will only play through the scart socket on the av2 connection when the av2 channel is set to av2s. It doesn't work properly if the av1 or av2 connections are used. My video recorder does not have an s-video port or av2s scart connection so it does not work through that.

  Chris the Ancient 23:11 16 Jan 2003

nerd1 is correct. There is no real possible link from s-video to scart. The types of video transmitted are completely different - and s-video is usually a higher resolution and quality.

It has to rgb to scart or s-video to s-video.

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