S-VHS Video players with S-Video & Audio Out

  Tinkey Winkey 21:49 28 Dec 2004


My JVC Super VHS HR-S7500 Video player has finally died and I am left with many S-VHS videos of the family etc that I want to transfer to my PC & then DVD.

I'm having trouble finding a deck that has S-video and Audio L & R ( red & white sockets ) OUTPUTS on the back of the deck so that I can output the video to my PCs Video capture breakout box.

If you know of an s-vhs deck with these 3 outputs please could you let me know so I can transfer our precious S-vhs tapes to PC!

Also I was told that it's possible to play s-vhs tapes on a standard vhs player with lower resolution of course.
I tried this many years ago and it didn't work so can I do this or not please ?

  dogtrack 22:00 28 Dec 2004

Maybe a trip to "Comet" will provide a machine of the type you are looking for. Or indeed any electrical retailer other than Dixons or Curries. Who have announced that they will no longer be stocking Video Tape Decks.

  Mikè 22:06 28 Dec 2004

All s-vhs recorders have these outputs (some only via scart) we do a reasonable JVC click here It is no problem getting a scart to s-vhs + audio lead.

  Tinkey Winkey 22:17 28 Dec 2004

Thankyou Mike,I had a look at this one in Comet today.

It only has 2 scart input /output sockets on the back which I could attach a 'scart to s-video & audio convertor' to, like you say but then as far as I am aware there will be a drop in quality as it is not the pure s-video and audio L/R out sockets.

Do you know if there's much loss in quality during the conversion ?

If I can't find a deck with these outputs then it may be my only choice ?

  €dstowe 06:31 29 Dec 2004

Some years ago I paid a lot of money to buy a S-VHS VCR thinking, like you do, that it would give better quality to my Hi8 camcorder tapes. I also paid a lot of money buying S-VHS tapes to use on it - these were more than double the price of standard VHS tapes.

After a short time, I began using standard VHS tapes in the machine and I didn't notice any real difference in quality between a good quality "normal" VHS tape and an S-VHS tape. Yes, there was a difference but you had to look hard to be able to see it.

I recently bought a Philips VCR from ebuyer at half price (£99 -> £49) and it is just as good as the multi-hundred pound S-VHS machine of the past.

My sugestion is to buy a reasonable quality VHS machine and forget about this S-VHS stuff - it isn't worth it. The lack of availability of S-VHS and S-Video in general shows it wasn't as good as we were told it was.

Note that I not meaning those "free with two bags of peas" type of machine that just about any old shop stocks these days - get something reasonable quality.

  VideoSentry 07:50 29 Dec 2004

I can agree very much with Mikè, we use them at work and I am about to order 3 more ( though I will now go through Mikè's link as it is half the price quoted by our "prefered supplier"

  Tinkey Winkey 10:55 29 Dec 2004

Thanks for your replies.

I have to get a SVHS player so I can play my existing tapes, or will my svhs tapes play on an ordinary vhs player albeit at a slightly reduced quality ?

  €dstowe 11:50 29 Dec 2004

My SVHS tapes do play on a non-SVHS VCR.

There could (just) possibly be some sort of coding on them though to tie them to one (your old) machine.

Take a tape to Comet or somewhere similar to check it out. Bit naughty but you don't have to buy from them even if it's OK.

  €dstowe 11:54 29 Dec 2004

Note that the "S" in S-VHS stands for Super.

The "S" in S-video does not mean the same thing and it means something like separate indicating that the chrominance and luminance of the video are separate signals.

  Tinkey Winkey 20:12 29 Dec 2004

Q. Can recordings made in "Super VHS ET" on extra high grade tapes be played back on a normal VHS recorder?

A. No. It can only be played back by video recorders featuring Super VHS ET or SQPB (S-VHS Quasi Play Back).

  VideoSentry 10:47 10 Jan 2005

You have to differenciate between the ET and the S-VHS, ET is JVC's own version of S-VHS ( for non S-VHS tapes ) and S- VHS is common to S-VHS recorder/players subject to the tape being S-VHS.

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