Runtime error 713

  anniesboy68 10:44 22 Feb 2008

It would appear that I'm a dll file missing i.e MSSTDFMT.DLL. I have downloaded the file but am not too sure how to install it into the correct folder of which I'm unsure of. I think its Windows 32 [on Vista] I see instructions how do it on XP and below, but not for Vista. Can anyone help, please? AB68 PS, [this is to use Radar Contact in FS X on Vista]

  anniesboy68 12:40 23 Feb 2008

Rapscallion......thanks for the reply.I have actually done all that to no avail. HOWEVER...I have suceeded in registering it by opening command prompt in administrator mode and going through the proceedure, and lo and behold it registered. Happy me, because one wastes a great deal of time pixxxxg about. thanks again anyway AB68

  anniesboy68 16:35 06 Mar 2008

I'm back on this one afterhaving to re install vista. And no way will this file register. I have tried the way I did it last time but to no avail. I have tried both ways "run" and "command prompt". Its getting very frustrating this!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  anniesboy68 17:35 15 Mar 2008

All sorted

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