Runtime error

  danny7 21:36 17 Feb 2010

A box appeared named-Microsoft visual c runtime error. It contained the information as follows;
Program C:\Windows\system32\rundll 32.exe
R6030 - crt not initialized . Please can anyone tell me what it means and what steps to take to fix it ?
I had downloaded from Adobe an update, Flash Player 10 active x ,and or flash player 10 plugin before this box appeared, and I now keep getting adobe asking me if I want to install Adobe flash player installer, which I have not done.Are the two connected the runtime error and Adobe?.

  birdface 22:59 17 Feb 2010

Maybe a system restore to when it was working ok.

  danny7 10:53 18 Feb 2010

Thankyou, Last night I found System restore is not working, a box pops up named- DLL Initialization failed, the information it contains is as follows-The system failed to initialize because windows station is closing down. So it just gets worse!! Help me if you can
I,m feeling down, and I do appreciate you being round, won,t you please please help me?.
Danny 7

  birdface 12:37 18 Feb 2010

Try System restore in safe mode.
Or download Malwarebytes free version update it then run it to see if it finds any problems.

click here

  danny7 16:00 18 Feb 2010

Buteman, I ran system Restore in safe mode as you suggested, but no joy, I have found the following from msdm- Run-Time error R6030-CRT not initialized.
This error occurs if you are using the CRT, but the CRT startup code was not executed. It is possible to get this error if the linker switch/ENTRY{hhtp://}is used to override the default starting address, usually mainCRTstartup,wmainCRTstartup for a console EXE,
WinMainCRTStartup or wWinMainCRTStartup for a Windows EXE, or DllMainCRTStartup for a DLL.
Unless one of the above functions is called on starTp. the C Runtime will not be initialized.
no clue as to what it means!!

  iscanut 16:04 18 Feb 2010

Try putting the error "Program C:\Windows\system32\rundll 32.exe
R6030 - crt not initialized" into Google. There are quite a few articles which may help.

  danny7 22:30 18 Feb 2010

iscanut, thankyou, I had already done that, but they want you to use their reg cleaners, one is free but I do have CCleaner, at this stage I am loathe to use one.
I have been everywhere on the net, they all explain about the problem, but don,t say how one gets it sorted. I,ll keep trying.

  danny7 15:53 21 Feb 2010

Buteman and Iscanut my Runtime Error R6030- "CRT not initialized ", has finely been sorted out .
I used to have a CRT monitor which I used for about two months before upgrading to a flat screen.This was three and a half years ago now. My problem was that my p.c was looking for the CRT moniter.
The cure was resetting Internet explorer 8, which also fixed System restore.
I forgot to mention Buteman that I had done a full anti virus check with my and also with Superantispyware and all was well.
I think the settings of I.E where changed by myself , an option given through talktalks diagnostics box re reconnecting to web, which has taught me not to tick anything one does not fully understand.
It was my brothers friend who sorted the problem for me.
I appreciate your help and thankyou

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