Runtime Error

  Acco 09:54 26 Feb 2009

When using Outlook 2003 to browse the net, certain pages produce the following message: "A runtime error has occurred. Do you wish to debug?"

It doesn't matter whether I then select 'yes' or 'no', I am not presented with an opportunity to debug (whatever that involves).

How can I get rid of this irritating message. It has only been occurring for about the last three weeks.

Many thanks.

  MAJ 10:19 26 Feb 2009

Outlook 2003? Do you mean Internet Explorer? Go to IE > Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab and untick the "Display a notification about every script error" option and tick the "Disable script debubbing" option, click Apply and OK to exit.

  Acco 10:32 26 Feb 2009

Thanks MAJ. It's Outlook 2003 I'm using, but by trying your suggestion in IE internet options (I ticked "Disable script debugging [other]")there is now only a notification that keeps popping up irrespective as to whether the notify option is ticked or not.


Will I need to reboot the PC for the changes to come into full effect?

  Sea Urchin 17:32 26 Feb 2009

You cannot use Outlook 2003 to browse the Internet as it's an email program. IE is your browser. You should tick both Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer) and Disable Script Debugging (Other) as well as leaving Display a Notification about Every Script Error unticked. Then Apply and OK.

  Sea Urchin 17:36 26 Feb 2009

If that still doesn't work try using these click-fixes from Microsoft

click here

  Acco 10:14 27 Feb 2009

Many thanks Sea Urchin,

You can use Outlook 2003 to browse the net. I've been using it for donkeys years without a problem. You must be thinking of Outlook Express which is just the stand-alone email program.

Sadly your suggestions didn't work. I don't get the problem if I just use IE on it's own but it seems a pity to abandon the convenience of Outlook 2003 for my browsing just to avoid these annoying popup notifications.

Maybe the problem lies within the Outlook 2003 program options.

Any further thoughts?

Thanks again.

  MAJ 10:26 27 Feb 2009

You can browse the internet from within Outlook, but you're still using an IE window, so my guess is that the problem lies within Outlook, Acco. Have you tried Help > Detect and Repair, in Outlook?

  Acco 10:36 27 Feb 2009

MAJ - Thanks for explaining about IE window from within Outlook. I tried the detect and repair a couple of days ago... but alas, 'twas to no avail.

Maybe a complete re-install of Outlook will do the trick?

  MAJ 11:02 27 Feb 2009

To be honest, I'm at a loss, Acco, the Outlook reinstall might work.

  Acco 14:35 27 Feb 2009

Thanks again MAJ,

I'll try that at the weekend.


  Sea Urchin 14:53 27 Feb 2009

1. Reset the Outlook toolbar template. With Outlook closed, do a search for and rename outcmd.dat file. Do the same for frmcache.dat and outprnt files. Restart Outlook.

Outcmd.dat is located in C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook folder. It is a hidden file, so you have to unhide hidden files. Go to any folder and select Tools > Folders Options > View. Check "Show hidden files and folders". Click OK.

2. If no joy, register two important Outlook files. Go to Start > Run and type regsvr32 OLE32.DLL
Do the same for INETCOMM.DLL

3. If no joy, an addin could be interfering. Disable Outlook Addins. Go to Tools > Options > Other > Advanced Options > Addin Manager or COMM/Addins and disable the addins.

4. Check if an external program running in the background is interfering with Outlook. Check Firewall, antivirus, antispyware, antispam, and all Norton programs. Disable these programs one at a time.

5. If no joy, create a new Outlook profile.
click here

6. Repair Outlook. With Outlook open, go to Help > Detect and Repair.

7. If no joy, reinstall Outlook. Go to Add/Remove Programs and highlight Microsoft Office. Click on Install/Uninstall. A menu will pop allowing you to choose repair or reinstall.

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